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The Best Red Carpet Facialists

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Because the most coveted seat in Hollywood is in one of these aestheticians’ offices.

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One may think the most coveted room in Tinseltown during award season is a suite at The Chateau Marmont or The Sunset Tower Hotel, but in reality, you’re more likely to secure a reservation at one of the most iconic hotels in Hollywood than an appointment with one of the top red carpet aestheticians. A vital part of an actress’ award season prep, Los Angeles’ most-sought after facialists (and a handful from New York and London that take residency in L.A. for the season) tighten and firm, tone and hydrate, and create enviable, glowing results for the women photographed most. The names worth knowing, below.

Clients: Jennifer Aniston, Nicola Peltz, Behati Prinsloo
Homebase: London
Dates in L.A.: Oscar weekend, private location in West Hollywood

Skincare Philosophy: “It’s not just a matter of applying products and doing extractions. There is a real skill to understand how, and what, products work in synergy to get the best results. You have to have the confidence and ability to push the boundaries with non-invasive machines and give clients a home protocol that is constantly reviewed and tweaked.”

Signature Treatment: A Lift & Sculpt Treatment that focuses on creating glowing skin and sculpted cheekbones. The 90-minute customized treatment includes microcurrent and LED light therapy; products packed with enzymes, vitamins, amino silk proteins, and hyaluronic acid; and a 20 minute massage to lift and accentuate cheekbones. "The [Lift & Sculpt Treatment] naturally and instantly lifts, softens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production. It took over 10 years to perfect," says Louise.

Clients: Dakota Johnson, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal
Homebase: New York
Dates in L.A.: Oscar Week, private location

Skincare Philosophy: “I feel strongly that anyone can have great skin with the right tools. The key is to use organic products based on what the skin needs to perform at its best. Good nutrition for the skin will always yield the best skin, because the body assimilates natural ingredients better.”

Signature Treatment: Vargas’ Triple Crown Facial, which consists of a mild electric current to drain puffiness, tone the muscles, and tighten skin immediately.

Clients: Naya Rivera, Elle Macpherson, Pixie Lott
Homebase: London
Dates in L.A.: Oscar weekend, house calls only

Skincare Philosophy: “I tell my clients to keep their skincare simple and stick to a routine, and remember, hydration is the key to a youthful complexion.”

Signature Treatment: Boulder’s go-to treatment consists of healing the complexion with nurturing ingredients and “exercising” the facial muscles with massage, which boosts circulation and leaves the skin lifted and firm.

Clients: Undisclosed
Homebase: Beverly Hills

Skincare Philosophy: “Maintaining healthy and youthful skin is a lifetime commitment in a battle against time, genetics, and our environment. Preserving your skin is an ongoing process, just like going to the gym. My goal is to maintain your skin to ensure that it is looking beautiful, vibrant and full of the youthful, healthy glow we all desire.”

Signature Treatment: Her Statuette Treatment, a facial that yields a glowing and clear complexion on both the face and body. It includes wet and dry microdermabrasion, an acid wash, micro-current, active vitamin infusion, oxygen therapy, and LED Lights.

Clients: Lena Dunham, Demi Moore, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz
Homebase: West Hollywood

Skincare Philosophy: “To nurture and balance the skin, rather than strip and peel. I’m known for igniting the glow and radiance in my clients’ skin. They will often say that they can go without makeup for the first time.”

Signature Treatment: Lawton’s treatments includes a customized array exfoliants, serums and masks coupled with light therapy, electrical stim treatment, and her signature cranial-facial technique that massages facial muscles for a firm, lifted look.

Clients: Emily Blunt, Michelle Monaghan, Miley Cyrus
Homebase: West Hollywood

Skincare Philosophy: “My goal is to offer skin care treatments and methods that will make surgical procedures and harmful ingredients unnecessary -- or at least greatly postpone the start dates,” de Sousa says. She relies on topical cell nutrients and high-tech treatments to help skin resist hormonal, environmental, and chemical influences.

Signature Treatment: De Sousa’s Ultimate Radiance treatment is a 90 min, calming and hydrating facial that oxygenates and lifts the skin with a completely customized line-up of treatments. Also included is reiki to balance the clients’ energy.


Clients: Madonna, Miranda Kerr, Mary-Kate Olsen
Homebase: New York

Skincare Philosophy: “Health, wellness, and beauty are intricately intertwined and equally essential to truly be radiant. I encourage my clients to spend as much time, if not more, developing and maintaining their inner wellness and beauty as they spend maintaining their outer beauty.”

Signature Treatment: Her intraceuticals infusion treatment hydrates the skin to leave in plump and nourished