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Success Is Measured By

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The Violet Files

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It’s relative, it’s subjective, it’s constantly evolving. Success is difficult to quantify and nearly impossible to define. Here, brand founders share what a job well done looks and feels like to them.

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Patty Tortolani

Although we believe in celebrating women's contributions every day, it is March—Women’s History Month—which gives us an excuse to spotlight the entrepreneurs, the CEOs, the risk-takers, and the dreamers behind VIOLET GREY’s Woman Made Edit. These women inspire us, both in business and in life, with their resilience, confidence, and measure of success. And so it is in that spirit that we asked them to share their wisdom, experience, and valuable advice with us and our audience.

Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton
Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton

My signature beauty look is… Dewy skin, bright eyes, lush lashes, and a hydrated lip.

I always start my day with… A triple-shot almond milk latte to get my brain going, Master Plan serum to get my face going, and Pilates to get my body going.

I never go to bed without… A melatonin gummy (insomnia be damned), a slathering of Double Feature serum, and my beloved weighted blanket. (If you haven’t tried one, you must—it's a game changer!)

Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, founder epi.logic


My signature beauty look is… Bold brows and a dramatic eye.

I always start my day with… A strong cup of coffee.

I never go to bed without… Drinking a glass of water.

Carrie Barber, founder MAKE Beauty


My signature beauty look is… Clean, glowy skin, a bold lip and a great blowout.

I always start my day with… A Superhuman meditation before breakfast with my kids.

I never go to bed without… Taking my makeup off and wearing my Oura ring.

Hope Smith, founder MUTHA

Vimla Black-Gupta
Vimla Black-Gupta

My signature beauty look is… No-makeup makeup. My husband hates makeup so I always make sure he can see my skin and see me. My best skin relies on Ourself Daily Dark Spot Intercept, HA+ Replenishing Serum, and Mineral Sunscreen, which is the perfect primer. I use a bit of concealer and bronzer all over, lots of mascara, and apply Lip Filler for plumping and that immediate rush of perfectly "bitten" color. Finally, I finish with Ourself Lip Conditioner for glossy, hydrated goodness. Done and done.

I always start my day with… A large glass of water followed by reading time with my kids before they go to school, and then running, swimming, or Pilates with my favorite instructor, Vilmaliz Bosque (@vbmethodfitness).

I never go to bed without… My HA+ Replenishing Serum. It's my overnight, rejuvenating face lift in a bottle and helps me wake up feeling like I have the bounciest, most hydrated skin, and I see a visible lift.

Vimla Black-Gupta, co-founder Ourself

Susanne Kaufmann
Susanne Kaufmann

My signature beauty look is… One that emphasises a natural, fresh complexion with a radiant glow, complemented by a distinctive red lip as my final touch.

I always start my day with… Fresh lemon juice and water. This is a great source of vitamin C and helps maintain hydration throughout the day.

I never go to bed without… Cleansing my face. The use of daily cleansers helps support balanced, radiant skin by removing build-up that causes blockages, along with preventing excess oils leaving behind a beautifully refreshing feel. I find nothing better than cleansing to start or end your day. My top tip is to double cleanse. First, I apply the Deep Cleansing oil to the face, neck and décolletage. With wet hands, I then apply the Purifying Cleansing Gel on top and lather massaging into the skin in circular motions. This effective pairing offers an intense cleansing effect, lifting impurities to reveal healthier-looking skin.

Susanne Kaufmann, founder Susanne Kaufmann


My signature beauty look is… All about the skin. I’m very paired back with makeup, I’ve never really worn a lot, just a little foundation and mascara but I’m very focused on taking good care of my skin and I want to show it off.

I always start my day with… Meditation, manifesting and journaling. I do these three things every morning to make sure I start my day in the best possible mindset and to set myself up for a successful day ahead. If you get the time all this stuff is so good to really center and balance you.

I never go to bed without… Doing a facial workout! Whether it’s last thing at night or first thing in the morning or both—my day isn’t complete if I haven’t done my FaceGym exercises. To get the best results and maintain them you have to remember consistency is key!

Inge Theron, founder FaceGym

Rose-Marie Swift
Rose-Marie Swift

My signature beauty look is… My RMS Beauty red lip.

I always start my day with… A positive affirmation.

I never go to bed without… My dog Ruby Moon.

Rose-Marie Swift, founder RMS