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Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton

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The Violet Files

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The oculofacial plastic surgeon and the founder of epi.logic skincare on taking risks, staying true to her convictions, and the one skin care ingredient that everyone should have in their routine.

Written by
Patty Tortolani

In celebration of Black excellence, VIOLET GREY spotlights the creatives, brand founders, and entrepreneurs making an immeasurable impact on The Industry.

When Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton pops onto our Zoom screen, we immediately think, I’ll have what she's having. Her skin beams with health, her eyes twinkle, her hair is effortless. Then she begins dropping the serious skin care knowledge, and we are basically falling over ourselves. We are not alone. The Brooklyn-based surgeon has built a cult-following through her practice and skin care line, epi.logic. She has inspired others to take risks, find their path, and to remember that a fabulous pair of shoes and a science-driven career are not mutually exclusive.

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    VIOLET GREY: What do you love most about your job?

    DR. CHANEVE JEANNITON: I have the best job on the planet. I get to talk beauty all day long, people trust me with their faces—it’s a dream come true. If I had to single out the best thing, I would have to say it’s what I call ‘the mirror moment.’ When you are done with a treatment and you hand the patient a mirror, there is this electricity in the room. The person sees in their reflection a version of themselves that they’ve been trying to bring out, that they’ve been looking for. And you’ve helped them achieve that. I’m telling you, there is no greater high on the planet. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world and keeps me doing what I do.

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    VG: You've had an incredible career. Are there any milestones you are most proud of?

    CJ: There are some public accolades that definitely bring me a lot of pride. But when I think about the things that I am most proud of, it’s those quiet moments; those moments when I was afraid to take a risk and I did it anyway. Launching my private practice Brooklyn Face & Eye was terrifying but I did it nonetheless. The decision to relaunch epi.logic and really stay true to my conviction that I could change the landscape of clinical skin care was a scary decision, it felt risky because epi-logic was already enjoying some success but I did it anyway. And it’s those moments where I doubt myself but I still feel compelled to move forward and try something challenging that makes me proud.

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    VG: What role has mentorship played in your career?

    CJ: I can’t say that I can relate to the notion of mentorship in the classic sense. If anything, there is this quote I read recently by Dija Ayodele, skin care guru, and she said, “Everyday is a school day and everyone is a teacher.” And that has sort of been my experience coming through my training and in my career.

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    VG: Do you mentor?

    CJ: I have lots of medical students and residents that reach out to me all the time. Something that I am really proud of is that, upon graduation from this training program that I used to teach at, one of the residents wrote a thank you card to me for my involvement in her training. The one line that I’ll always remember is: You were a role model for myself and the other female residents because you taught us that you can be smart and successful and show up in stylish shoes. I love that, if anything, people feel that they can reach out to me and know that I am going to be a source of support on how you can show up fully, really be yourself, and not make yourself small within the context of larger institutions. I love being a soundboard for people who are trying to find their way.

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    VG: What is the product your friends always ask for advice on?

    CJ: That would be epi.logic’s Master Plan. It’s a growth factor serum powered by our Cell Service™ growth factor and peptide blend. I have to say, growth factors is the one ingredient category that just throws a wrench into even the most beauty-savvy person. You know your retinols from your vitamin Cs, you know your hyaluronics from your glycolic acids. And then someone says growth factors and you don’t quite understand how it fits into your routine. So definitely this is the product that everyone needs a little guidance on. They don’t totally know what the benefits are—that it is going to help with hydration, firming, and elasticity. And it is going to get your skin out of any plateaus you may be experiencing with your current routine.