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With one hand in the beauty industry and the other in tech, Jamie O’Banion is turbocharging the future of skin care.


VIOLET GREY profiles female beauty entrepreneurs who are considered industry game changers because of their individual approach to business. Each one entered the conversation in her own manner and maintained a steady, if not unparalleled, trajectory with her indomitable spirit. 

Jamie O’Banion grew up talking skin care. Her dermatologist father invested in a clinical skin care lab, and from an early age, she often joined him on business trips, picking up trade secrets along the way. But it was the industry’s legacy of secrecy—and her growing frustration with it—that ultimately inspired her to start her company, BeautyBioscience (BeautyBio for short).

“It’s a totally unfair advantage to have grown up in the industry, and my goal is to help democratize and level the playing field.” she says. “I started BeautyBio to lead an empowerment-driven dialogue with women, elevating their knowledge about their options and what results to expect from skin care. Everyone should know what ingredients and methodologies to look for and which to avoid.”

Her ethos of transparency and authenticity has helped catapult Dallas-based BeautyBio into a multi-million dollar business, largely driven by their patented at-home micro-needling device, GloPRO.

Convincing millions of women and men to roll tiny needles over their face three times a week is no easy feat, but O’Banion lets the results do the heavy lifting. “We have never paid an influencer to talk about our brand. Our growth has been organic and dependent upon word-of-mouth. Receiving a DM on Instagram that says, 'OMG I just tried BeautyBio, it actually works!’ definitely keeps me motivated.”

Here, the mother of three shares the rest of what gets her going.

First thing you do when you wake up?

Snuggle my six-year-old for two more minutes because she still climbs in bed with us every morning at 2 a.m. Then I check my schedule for the day and critical emails that rolled in from global suppliers while I was sleeping—and get a good 60 seconds of rose quartz rolling in to de-puff.

Hours of sleep on the regular?

I’m working on getting six hours of sleep each night, it’s a personal goal. It’s usually more like three to six.

Time spent on beauty in the a.m.?

10-15 minutes max. Depends if it’s an “apply mascara in the car” kind of day. Four easy skin care steps that take no more than two minutes; five minutes for face, five minutes for hair and out the door.

Typical skincare regimen?

A cleanser, serum, moisturizer and eye cream from BeautyBio. Add tinted SPF for daytime and the GloPRO for nighttime.

Hair situation in the a.m.?

Dry shampoo and go!

Your signature beauty look?

Loose, tousled waves, glowy skin, blush, mascara and a soft pink lip.

Favorite workout?

Pilates when I make the time. (I don’t like it when people say ‘I don’t have the time.’ Spoiler alert: we all have the same 24 hours in the day and we each choose how we will allocate them. If someone has figured out how to create 30 hours in a day, please message me ASAP!)

Go-to breakfast and a.m. beverage?

Two bites of something from one of my kids' plates on the way out the door, plus a cold pressed green juice—kale and vitamin C—in the car.

Foolproof self-care move?

Disconnecting the devices while I put my kids to bed so that I can be fully present.

Signature scent?

Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower in the fall and Le Labo Bergamot 22 in the spring and summer.

An expensive-but-worth-it product or treatment?

Cherry Nails, they’re on-call manicurists that’ll meet you wherever. I typically have them in my office every other week during an internal meeting to do nails.

A cheap-but-chic product or treatment?
L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara—the best, hands down.
Bedside beauty essentials?

Glass of water, eye mask and our Rose Quartz Roller. Swipe of The Pout for extra lip volume if desired.

Last thing you do before bed?

Read scripture and pray.

Beauty icons?

Kate Middleton.

Best job?

Talking beauty all day.

Worst job?

Let’s just say I was glad when we hired our first graphic designer—I can see it in my head but please don’t ask me to do anything in Illustrator. I know just enough to get myself in trouble.

How the idea for your current company came to you?

I worked alongside my dad in his clinical cosmetic lab, and I became furious watching brands buy active raw materials in bulk and then only add fairy dust sprinkle amounts while making enormous claims. I thought it was wrong and knew I had to at minimum be a voice for the consumer. Three words are emblazoned in neon at our headquarters—Truth in Beauty. That is the guiding force for every decision we make. If it’s not bringing truth to the beauty industry and our community, it’s not worth doing.

Best career advice you've ever received?

“If not you, who? If not now, when?”—from my Mom. I can hear her voice every time my inner self reminds me of this!

Highest point as an entrepreneur?

Triple tie for when we won the Allure Best of Beauty award, the WWD award and Entrepreneur of the Year award for health and beauty.

Lowest point as an entrepreneur?

I had never built a business when I started BeautyBio and had to learn everything I know in real time; I’ve done every single job in our office in one capacity or another. Making it through that first year of business when we were solely investing and hadn’t turned a profit was hard. Believing and investing in yourself in the beginning can be scary but it’s pretty hard to beat someone who never gives up. Babe Ruth said something along those lines and there are no truer words.

Scariest thing you've ever done?


Best hidden talent?

Floral design.

Backup career?

Cake taster.