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How this mother-daughter duo developed the essentials for longer, thicker, and healthier lashes.

Written By JAYME CYK

VIOLET GREY profiles female beauty entrepreneurs who are considered industry game changers because of their individual approach to business. Each one entered the conversation in her own manner and maintained a steady, if not unparalleled, trajectory with her indomitable spirit. Here, we talk to lash aficionado and LASHFOOD cofounder Faith Kim.

Long, lush lashes are simple to achieve: You just need a skilled stylist to apply extensions. However, not everyone wants them.

Fourteen years ago, Lashfood’s mother-daughter duo, Jane and Faith Kim, introduced eyelash extensions to the U.S. But after years in the industry, they noticed their clients were vying for a natural alternative and a clean solution to strengthen their delicate lashes. “After years of working closely with lashes and our lash stylists, we felt there was a need for a serum that helped with the length of natural lashes and thickness, fullness, and health for longer-lasting, more beautiful extensions,” says Faith. “And it could also be a natural substitute for those who didn’t want extensions.”

Lashfood launched in 2007 with Lash Enhancer, an Ecocert nourishing growth serum containing only skin-loving ingredients. “Many chemical-based enhancers will grow lashes, but they might become thinner and cause premature fallout because of the weight of extensions,” Faith says. “If you’re trying to extend the life of your extensions, make sure to use a plant-based formula.” Made with the brand’s proprietary complex of medicinal herb extracts and peptides, Lash Enhancer increases blood flow and feeds frail, brittle lashes so they can reach their maximum potential. According to Faith, initial results can be seen within four weeks, and full growth occurs in three to four months (1 cycle = 1 bottle). Clinical trials also have shown an increase of 63.19 percent in length alone by the end of one cycle.

“I have extremely sensitive skin, so safety and efficacy are my top priorities,” says Faith. “We consider ourselves a brand that is skincare for lashes and brows, and I wanted to infuse enriching serums into all our formulations and focus on creating head-turning, healthier, and restored-looking lashes over time.”

And while Faith is revving up for a big launch next year—which she has been working on for a long time—she understands how important it is to embrace the journey. “I think the best advice I’ve ever received is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” she says. “As an entrepreneur, you have to accept that nothing will ever be smooth sailing and go exactly as planned.”


What is the atmosphere of your bedroom?

My bedroom and my office have complete opposite aesthetics. Once I enter my bedroom, I live in a robe and I try to relax as much as possible. My bedding, accent pieces, and furniture are all in cream and beige tones. I keep it minimalistic with clean lines mixed with natural elements. I’ve also been very into scents, so there are plenty of candles, palo santo, and an aromatherapy diffuser that I keep on at night (I also keep one on my desk at work). I live in an apartment in the Arts District and space is challenging, so I try to maximize by making every piece chic yet functional. For example, I have a large infinity mirror in my bathroom hallway that has hidden side cabinets that slide out and—ta-da!—a display of all my skincare and makeup products appears. When I have guests, I slide the cabinets out of sight.

Please describe your bed and your favorite thing about it.

I have a low platform bed with four pillows that I sink into, a mattress topper, and Matteo crisp, cool bedding (I use vintage linen during the winter). I discovered them when I first moved to the Arts District years ago. They had a store across from my apartment, and I ended up going in weekend after weekend until I eventually redid my entire bed. Best investment ever.

What time do you wake up?

I’m a night owl. I get my best ideas and accomplish the most work at night when there are no disruptions. I usually get off work around 9 or 10 p.m. and fall asleep around 1:30 a.m. I’m basically in a different time zone.

How many hours of sleep do you require?

Around nine hours, but I usually get an average of seven or eight.

Any bedside beauty essentials?

Next to my bed are lip balm and LASHFOOD Phyto-Medic Lash Enhancer. One swipe of each and I’m ready for bed.


Do you drink coffee or tea, eat breakfast?

I know I should say something like warm water with lemon followed by celery juice and then a green smoothie, but honestly, it’s just black coffee. On a good day, water.

Do you work out in the a.m.?

Sleep > A.M. workouts.


What is your morning skincare regimen?

I hop in the shower, apply two drops of eucalyptus oil while the steam is going, and then use Ayur-Medic Anti Bacterial Wash with Exfoliating Beads all over my face and body. I try to get an exfoliating body scrub at a Korean spa once every other month, but when I don’t have time I use a Dermasuri exfoliating mitt. I have about 20 products that I’m currently testing, so every day-slash-week is different.

What makeup products do you use on a daily basis?

I try to approach skincare as makeup replacing, so I’m usually makeup-free on a daily basis. I prep as much as possible at night so I wake up with dewy skin and supple lips. I haven’t always been like this, though. For more than half my life—from my teens until very recently—I would never leave the house without wearing foundation or some makeup, even if I was just picking up groceries. I’ve finally gotten to a place where I’ve learned to treat and love my skin.

But on the days I do wear makeup, I have go-to products. Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation feels light with a dewy finish. I also use Auritaum Magic Contouring Powder in No. 1. I feel like I’ve tried every contour powder on the market, but this one does the job for Asian complexions and is only $10. On my eyes, I use 3CE Multi-eye Color Shadow Palette in Overtake and BROWFOOD Aqua Brow Powder + Pencil Duo in Taupe, which I’ll also use to intensify shadow. When I was in Japan, I also discovered Kate Liquid Liner (Japanese-made liquid liner brushes are the best). I use that with Kate Sharp Lock Gel Pencil to soften the liner. I clean up any mistakes and perfect using LASHFOOD Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen, which works like magic to create a super sharp cat eye, perfected brow arch, or a flawlessly outlined lip.

What’s your hair situation in the a.m.?

I’m super low-maintenance. I brush my hair in the shower with my wet brush, put it in a bun, and let it air-dry. By noon, I’ll let my hair down for a naturally wavy, but not frizzy, look.


What’s the first thing you read each morning?

I scroll through Instagram, catch up on emails and Slack, and read the paper and my horoscope for the day with a cup of coffee. I like to take my mornings super slow, and I’ve been trying to ritualize my morning and nightly moments.

What business do you conduct before 10 a.m.?

I try to plan out my day and write down what I want to accomplish. It’s usually a mix of three big things and three small things.

What time do you head to your office?

I leave at around 9:30 or 10, depending on the day and the meetings.