beauty in bed:

how to erase
stretch marks

One method involves Saran Wrap. But Mutha founder Hope Dworaczyk Smith shares a much more enjoyable—and effective—approach with Cassandra Grey. Welcome to Beauty in Bed, Episode 1.

When you get close friends within the confines of an intimate environment such as, say, bed, beauty secrets are bound to be spilled. Some of these tips are practical—i.e., using rosehip oil for its superb moisturising abilities. Others, like wrapping your pregnant body with Saran wWrap in an attempt to stave off stretch marks, not so much. But we are here for all of it.

In VIOLET GREY’s first episode of Beauty in Bed, our founder Cassandra Grey gets up close and personal with fellow entrepreneur Hope Dworaczyk Smith, founder of the divine new clean body-care line Mutha. Breakfast, banter, and beauty tips are served. And we promise: You won’t have to endure plastic wrap to defeat stretch marks. Watch and learn.

Shot on location at The Mercer Hotel
Makeup by Grace Ahn (Grey)