Sven Norrenberg, libations guru at Hollywood late-night mainstay The Tower Bar, shares an exclusive recipe for this most festive seasonal cocktail.
Written By Jess Basser Sanders
Tower Bar's Fig Cocktail Recipe | THE VIOLET FILES | @violetgrey

— ILLUSTRATION BY @drawbertson

A surefire way to impress dinner guests with your entertaining prowess this holiday season (even if your mother-in-law cooked the turkey and the pie came from Erewhon)? Simply hand them a seasonally appropriate cocktail as soon as they walk in the door. For advice on the perfect late-fall aperitif, The Violet Files consulted Sven Norrenberg, director of food and beverage at The Sunset Tower Hotel, which happens to be home to legendary yet low-key Hollywood hangout The Tower Bar. Norrenberg’s custom fig cocktail, created exclusively for The Violet Files, is sure to create just the right kind of stir (even if it’s shaken) among your dinner guests.