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Put down the needle. SiO Beauty’s non-invasive silicone solution erases wrinkles, solves tech neck, and delivers an anti-aging filler effect—all while you sleep.


Photography ByGUY AROCH

At VIOLET GREY, “What’s next?” is business as usual. And as professional beauty junkies, our expectations are high. Like, a mascara must survive for sixteen hours (try this one from M·A·C), or a device must deliver a spa-like glow in minutes (check out Dr. Gross), and fragrances have to do something new (exhibit A: Kabuki Perfume). So when a product leaves everyone in the office talking for days, it’s definitely worth your attention. This time, it’s SiO Beauty’s anti-wrinkle patches. Multi-use and made of medical-grade silicone, the three patch sets—NeckLift, BrowLift, and Eye & Smile Lift—gently compress, firm and hydrate wrinkle-prone zones. The fact that it all happens while you sleep makes it all the more appealing.

“You know those strapless sticky bras? It’s like that, but for your face,” is how one VIOLET GREY colleague described SiO Beauty to me. To be fair, she wasn’t wrong. The adhesive patches contour to the skin and, well, hold everything in place. But unlike those sticker bras, these actually do some heavy lifting. After one night, the most prominent creases on my face had faded into faint fine lines—and my original fine lines were absent. What’s more, my skin, which was feeling and looking particularly parched, was the most supple it had been in months.


SiO patches are pretty foolproof. After cleansing, you remove the plastic film from the translucent patch and place it on dry skin. Don't worry if you need to reposition the skin patch, it detaches and reapplies smoothly. Then jump into bed, leave it there for 6–8 hours while you sleep, and remove in the morning—that's it. They also work as a quick fix prior to a big event when worn for a few hours. Having repeated this numerous times (I’m utterly addicted now), I do recommend gently lifting the edge of the patches inward when taking them off. A rip-it-like-a-band-aid approach is not the most comfortable route.

Once you’ve stood in front of the mirror to admire the transformation, rinse your patches. Proper care (i.e., cleaning the patches with water and placing them in their storage shield) will extend the life and efficacy of your silicone masks.


The interaction between skin and the medical-grade silicone creates a healing environment. A similar technique is used in wound healing: silicone is used to increase growth factors will help to decrease excess scarring. SiO's unique micro-climate naturally draws moisture to the dermis, kick-starting collagen production to plump the skin and fill in wrinkles. This process counteracts the diminished collaged and dehydration that so often comes with age and sun damage. 


What’s your biggest beauty fear? Needles sit at the top of my list. While you might not consider this a “beauty” phobia per se, keep in mind that Botox, collagen induction therapy (aka micro-needling), needle shaping, and dermal fillers all require a prick. So as a thirty-something who is hyper-aware of deepening creases, this is not a convenient aversion to harbor—which is why SiO Beauty is SO good. The dramatic anti-aging and preventative results you get with one patch make it a viable alternative to invasive solutions. Which translates to no downtime and, most importantly for this writer, no injections. Phew.

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