the remedy
for reversing
damaged strands

How hairstylist Sunnie Brook transforms breakage into that clean, crisp feeling you get after a fresh cut.


Photography ByANNA PALMA

Do you recall the first time you were old enough to sit in a stylist’s chair? I vividly remember mine. Afterward, I stroked the ends of my hair again and again because they felt so crisp and clean. Fast-forward to 2019: I had that exact feeling after testing the Oribe Power Drops Damage Repair Booster.

This highly concentrated serum allows you to customize your haircare essentials. You can apply it directly to damp hair, or mix a few drops with any product and create the perfect cocktail. I prefer to use it in its most potent state—focusing on the ends or where I see breakage—and then I layer it with other products. But for my clients with medium or coarse texture who use heat frequently and have a lot of damage, I combine the drops with the Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream or the Oribe Gold Lust Oil before blow-drying.

But your hair can benefit from this elixir even if your strands aren’t damaged. Formulated with linoleic acid, biotin, and sea kelp extract, it helps reverse breakage and restores elasticity. After you use it, the cuticle is smoother and shinier, and your split ends disappear! Over time I was able to cut back on my other frizz-fighting products because my ends were healed. It’s one of those why-wouldn’t-I-use-it products. And there is no need to reapply: Even at the end of the day, your ends will feel amazing.