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for 2017

Our roundup of New Year’s pledges you’ll actually want to keep.


New Year’s resolutions are very Violet, but so is breaking them, which is why we often find ourselves in exactly the same spot, goals wise, as when we started the year. There has to be a remedy to this endless cycle of self disappointment: we really do want to work out every day, quit smoking, become morning people, and [insert whatever life improvement you’d like to make here]. In the interest of starting anew—but really—this year we’re setting some achievable, perhaps even fun, goals.

Here are our resolutions for 2017, and here’s to actually keeping them.


Stress is not only a killer, but it also really ages you inside and out (fine lines, anyone?). We’re keen to augment our deep-breathing exercises with a trip to SaunaBar, where the new Magnesphere contraption (it looks like a giant reclining chair encircled with a bar) harnesses electromagnets to deliver relaxation, better sleep, and pain relief. If you’ve been overindulging in festive behavior, there is also a detox transformation that slays two stressors with one stone. For the truly frazzled and overindulged, however, nothing works better than a trip to Austria’s Mayr clinic. Think: massages and a diet of broths while staring at the idyllic countryside. If a booking is not in your future, you can always attempt to emulate this experience by watching The Sound of Music in a bath of Susanne Kaufmann’s soothing witch hazel potion.


Not only will getting a regular treatment improve your skin, but you’ll also be motivated to take better care of your face for the rest of the month. And given that premier NYC facialist Joanna Vargas has started taking appointments in LA for one week out of the month, we’ll be booking ahead. If this isn’t your bag, have a monthly facial night at home with friends—the lip-plumping KNC lip mask is particularly photogenic (during and after), while SK-II face masks work wonders at turning back the hands of Father Time.


Child of the ’90s serial plucker? Here’s the opportunity to resurrect the brows you were born with. If you haven’t undergone brow training with Kristie Streicher, now’s the time to book an appointment. Rule No. 1: Don’t touch them! (Except to fill them in with your favorite pencil for extra pop.) Not in LA? The arch guru has just launched a virtual Brow Training program wherein viewers all across the world can partake of her life-changing program to get your brows back—and better.


Our favorite nanocurrent skincare device (thank you, Melanie Simon) is recommended for triweekly use, but we’ve been known to slack. Our 2017 goal: Adhere religiously to the thrice-a-week regimen for tauter, clearer, younger-looking skin. As an added bonus, the vaguely sci-fi device is ridiculously on trend with all the space movies currently opening—it would be our essential to take on the last spaceship out of here.


If you are frittering away your money on à la carte classes, you will save by buying in bulk. (It’s always a good idea to commit to something—our picks at the moment are ModelFit and Physique 57.) Invest said savings in new skincare, or dinner at Gracias Madre so you can put the weight back on (hey, at least it’s vegan).


Turning off one’s phone after dark promotes calmer sleep patterns and enhanced mental health (model Carolyn Murphy banishes hers from the bedroom altogether). Instagramming from bed is one of the worst things you can do for those circadian rhythms. A good body brushing followed by a dip in Pursoma’s purifying Digital Detox bath will remind you to take a moment to breathe and think of how unfurrowed your brow has become since you stopped squinting at a screen.


Investigate swapping to all-natural beauty with life-altering panaceas like Pai Rosehip Oil (hydrating and brightening) and the Honey Mud mask-cleanser hybrid from May Lindstrom. If that still fails to satisfy, call on makeup artist and VIOLET GREY columnist Katey Denno, who offers a service wherein she will “green” your entire home.