before 10am

The final edition of our Violet Hour series with Joya Studio combines citrus and morning dew with the suede and amber notes of the night before.



When VIOLET GREY decided to commission a series of exclusive candles, we knew exactly who to ask: Frederick Bouchardy, the enormously gifted founder of fragrance studio Joya. And in turn, Bouchardy knew (even before we did) exactly what they should smell like. The latest edition in his series, The Violet Hour: Before 10AM, embodies the fantasy of waking up to a sun-drenched LA morning—or, at least, getting to smell the morning even if you wake up at noon.

“It’s just a much more classic construction,” says Bouchardy of his latest concoction, which calls to mind early morning dew on leaves and other enlivening smells. “Citrus, then going into bursting green stems and leaves.” Of course, these sprightly notes are tempered by the sophisticated, smoky scents that have made Joya so distinct in the fragrance world. “It’s smoothed down by velvety suede and sandalwood, kept earthy by vetiver grass, and given sweetness by amber,” he says. “It’s an elegant kind of sweet.” While making the candle, his working title was Red Cedar, he notes, “which is incidentally a special kind of cedar used in musical instruments. I was listening to The Note You Never Wrote by Paul McCartney and Wings while imagining it.” Or, as he describes the candle more succinctly, tongue firmly in cheek: “I’m about to start my day, I walk past the kitchen, and I haven’t done the dishes.”  

“I think candles have to be comforting, sweet, and of the earth, but also sweet and suede-y and amber-y,” he says of The Violet Hour: Before 10AM, recalling the smoky scents of the night before. It’s the last in the set for Violet Grey, each of which displays a distinct aspect of his imagined LA woman. “We gave this woman multiple facets, because women have multiple facets,” he laughs. “All the ones I’ve ever known do.”

Every day in LA may start with a sun-drenched morning, but The Violet Hour: Before 10AM is considerably less common: only 150 of the limited-edition candles were produced. So shop early (even if you’re late-riser). 


Infused with notes of orange peel, white oak leaf, suede, sandalwood, red cedar and liquid amber, the candle evokes a bright morning (and smoky traces of the night before).