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How do you get fuller lips without using a needle? With an anti-aging cocktail of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and intense hydrators from Dr. Macrene 37 Actives. Here’s what to expect from the treatment that promises a youthful, pillowy, natural-looking pout.


Photography ByANNA PALMA

My introduction to lip filler injectables came courtesy of Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club. Hawn, playing the role of aging, frustrated actress Elise, visits her plastic surgeon demanding to look “science-fiction young” despite her doctor’s reservations. “I want Tina Turner; I want Jagger—now fill ‘em up!” To this day, whenever anyone broaches the topic of lip fillers, I immediately think of Elise sauntering out of her surgeon's office with—spoiler alert—a full-on platypus pout. Needless to say, I've always steered clear of invasive procedures.

However, that’s not to say there wasn’t temptation. I've always admired-slash-envied my sister's Jolie-esque pout, and apparently so has everyone else. We're regularly stopped on the street because women want to know who did her "work." My own thinned-lip situation hardly (okay, never) garners the same kind of sidewalk stalking and, as a result, I've become somewhat self-conscious. On top of that I have a fear of needles—as exhibited here—and not-so-pleasant flashbacks of Goldie Hawn have always impeded me to consider injections, let alone book a consultation. So when my colleague recommended a topical filler lip treatment from Dr. Macrene 37 Actives that not only bestowed a more voluminous pout but was also loaded with more than 20 anti-aging ingredients, I was eager to give it a test drive. 


Renowned dermatologist and Hollywood favorite Dr. Macrene Alexiades is the genius (literally a genius, she has three degrees from Harvard University) behind the High Performance Anti-Aging And Filler Lip Treatment. The idea came after she noticed that the lip area is often neglected and resistant to in-office procedures. Thankfully for all of us, she developed a cocktail of over 20 actives, volumizing hyaluronic acid, and peptides to target wrinkles, plump, and nourish lips.

Overexcited at the prospect of finally having a voluptuous pout of my own I rolled the travel-size roller all over my lips without reading the application notes my colleague had provided. She had included one critical step that I completely glazed over: Shake before using. Apply treatment and pat into lips. I did not pat. Although this step might seem minimal, it completely changed the effect of the treatment once I adopted the technique. Patting allowed the serum to sink deep into the smallest lip lines and really maximized the plumping effect. So pat, pat, pat!



"While injectable filler does work when done discreetly, oftentimes it does not look natural,” explains Dr. Macrene. "[So] I created a daily topical treatment that fills and rejuvenates the lips gradually and naturally." Although using fillers to plump your pout has become as mainstream as teeth whitening (thanks Kylie), the Elise-effect continues to be an unfortunate trend today. So although it sounds unnatural to offer up natural-looking as a standard for a pout well done, in the age of the lip job it’s my priority. If you share my fear for trout pout and are considering trying Dr. Macrene for yourself, I have three words for you: Do. It. Now. After a week I felt a boost in the shape of my lips and, with a steady regimen, they continue to maintain their fullness two months later. And yes, they look entirely natural.


If you've been perusing our vanity, you'll notice that VIOLET GREY applauds multi-benefit products with quality ingredients. So it's no surprise that Dr. Macrene High Performance Anti-Aging And Filler Lip Treatment doubles down as a lip filler and an age fighter. Among its anti-aging, plant-based actives are coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, rosemary extract, shea butter, and mint oil. The result: wrinkles are erased, rough patches are softened, and lips look more youthful than before. 

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