Striving for a clear and radiant complexion? Meet Dr. Barbara Sturm Skin Food—the daily supplement you'll never forget to take.

Written by JAYME CYK

As VIOLET GREY’s Beauty Director my beauty and wellness routine is constantly in flux. Between my inbox and the packages sent directly to my office, I’m exposed to over 50 new brands and products a week. Basically, my skin is destined for disaster due to everything I need to test. So when I dub a product an essential, that truly means it’s the shit. Exhibit A: Dr. Barbara Sturm Skin Food. I’ve been taking the daily supplements for about six months and when I run out, panic sets in. 

My skin is normal to dry and runs on the sensitive side. So when my complexion hates a new product, tiny pustules appear and my anxiety is through the roof. And while my skin will never be perfect (no one’s is unless you’re superhuman), Skin Food works to keep inflammation at bay and allows me to test drive new skincare products without the usual side effects. With that said, my skin looks pretty fucking good.


Skin Food works from the inside out to promote a clear, glowing complexion. The regimen is simple: take two capsules everyday with 8 ounces of water.

Naturally, patience is key. But after about two weeks, I started to notice my skin looked even and luminous. From there, it kept getting better—and by better I mean my skin stayed consistently radiant. Now, six months later, my complexion has maintained those same benefits. Besides special events, I completely forgo foundation. 


I should note that Skin Food is the first supplement VIOLET GREY has ever sold. Why now? Because we decided that, amid the oversaturated supplement market, we wanted to uncover the rare item that’s both transformative and incredibly unique in terms of ingredients.

To that end, you should probably add purslane to your vocabulary. It’s the hero ingredient in Skin Food and chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin A. Even more exciting is the fact that purslane activates telomerase, the “fountain of youth enzyme” that is proven to impede the aging process and heal inflammation. In the Dr. Sturm formulation, purslane is blended with kudzu, Japanese knotweed root extract, and glucosamine to replenish moisture levels, boost elasticity and collagen, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time. 


My advice to you is never skip a day. I was recently without Skin Food for almost two weeks and within that time my skin wasn’t its glowing self. Regularity is key and your skin will thank you immensely.