why your vagina
deserves its
own body wash

Did you know your vagina is self-cleansing? Or that it requires a certain pH to ward off infection? The sexologist Emily Morse reveals why you should add a feminine wash to your daily shower routine.


Photography ByKELIA ANNE


Name: Emily Morse

Known For: Sexologist and host of the Sex With Emily podcast

Where to Find Her: Los Angeles

Instagram: @sexwithemily

Beauty Essential: DeoDoc Daily Intimate Wash

DeoDoc’s Intimate Wash will change the way you think about your vagina.

I know, I know, that’s a pretty bold statement to make about a shower product that you’ll only use for a minute or so each day, but stay with me here.

As women, we go through our entire lives disconnected from our vaginas. We’re conditioned to believe that they don’t smell good on their own, and that we need to make sure that they’re fresh at all times—causing us to be insecure. That line of thinking is old-fashioned and misogynistic. But it’s also perfectly reasonable to want to feel extra clean in case we want to let someone else down there (or wear a skirt on a hot, sweaty day). The thing is, the vagina is beautiful, natural, and self-cleansing, but it’s also a pretty delicate ecosystem. So, using many of the regular body washes can actually do more harm than good.

But that’s why DeoDoc is different and so incredible. It’s designed to match your natural pH balance, so you don’t have to worry about getting irritation or infections. Plus, it leaves you feeling confident throughout the day because you smell fresh—whether you’re using the violet cotton or fresh coconut fragrance—and feels amazing on your skin.

Although we need to get over the stigmas that vaginas are supposed to smell like roses, it doesn’t mean that we can turn our feelings off or change society with a switch. Which is why I love this product.

DeoDoc Intimate Wash is now a quick but meaningful part of my daily shower routine. The effects of this brief ritual go way beyond getting clean and maintaining a healthy pH balance. I feel confident and sexy because I’ve given myself permission to slow down and pay attention to a very special part of my body, which is something we don’t often do as we’re rushing through our busy lives. Taking a minute in the morning to literally and deliberately shower myself with self-care is alway a good thing. Not to mention that the bottle and design is elegant and sexy; there’s no need to bury it at the back of a drawer. In fact, you’ll be proud to see it sitting on your shower shelf.

And that, ladies, is how DeoDoc’s Intimate Wash will change the way you think about your vagina.