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How makeup artist Hannah Biddle found her desert island beauty essential—the single most transformational piece of makeup.


To this day I can recall the moment I discovered the power of concealer. Ages ago before I started exploring the world of cosmetics, I visited a makeup counter looking for something new and fun to add to my regimen.  The makeup artist insisted that I needed undereye concealer. She dabbed and blended, and I examined my reflection in a mirror. I looked brighter, more cheerful, and well rested, and my makeup just looked better. Since then, I’ve never gone a day without wearing concealer under my eyes.

Concealer, in my opinion, is the single most transformational piece of makeup. My desert island product would be concealer, and I’d figure out a way to use soot as eye kohl. There are countless methods for applying concealer. Before nude lipstick became ubiquitous, I blended concealer into my lipstick to get the perfect shade. Concealer set with powder over the eyelids is a reliable base to ensure your eyeshadow stays in place. The appropriate concealer, when necessary, will also camouflage the most colorful tattoo. Simply put, concealer is not a trend or a fashion statement—although I suppose you could make it one—but a staple of everyday life. I’m always on the hunt for the best ones, and I’m obsessed with making that my mission.

To that end, the most exciting concealer launch this year is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away. It has raised the bar and made its way into my makeup-loving heart. The sponge-tip applicator makes it a breeze to swipe under the eyes and around the nose. I’m giddy about the window in the packaging that lets me see when I need to restock. The coverage is a solid medium, and the texture is light and blendable. Essentially, it makes you look like you have flawless skin, and it doesn’t end up cakey. With just a few pats in strategic areas, the impact is second to none. I’m out the door in no time, looking clean and put together. This has quickly become my one-and-done beauty essential that can handle everything from dark circles to blemishes and redness. Magic Away Concealer lives up to its name, and should be in everyone’s bag-o-tricks.

With many concealers, we have to choose between thick-textured with high coverage or light and watery with minimal coverage. I tend to prefer natural-looking skin for everyday wear, but many light-coverage concealers just don’t make it through the day. And while a typical high-coverage concealer may last longer, it comes at a cost—a cakey, mask-like texture. But the Magic Away Concealer is the perfect hybrid. The texture works for both oily and dry skin types, and the coverage is just right. Your undereye area won’t look gray, but bright and fresh. Ultimately, the product delivers—plain and simple.