The only 10 places you will want to shop from this season.



Dear Customers, 

In any given year, we enter retail’s holiday hunting season, accustomed to inducing stress due to financial insecurity, inevitable procrastination, the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses, or all of the above. And while 2020 is looking up, I think it’s safe to say we’d all appreciate a little break, a little escape, and a little retail therapy before Santa comes to town.   

Retail therapy is real, and I’m here to guide you on how to do it responsibly. Whether money is tight or you’re feeling gauche about excessive spending, at VIOLET GREY, we are built on the belief that you deserve to feel confident in your purchase decisions. And that’s especially true during the holidays when you are bombarded with all kinds of marketing tactics and an overwhelming amount of junk made just for the season in the desperate hopes that you will buy it because, well, you don't have time to look for the good stuff. Just because crap goes on promotion during the holidays, doesn't mean it's any less crappy. 

That’s why I have made this guide. To help you make smart gifting decisions and shop like a pro. It’s dedicated to you and your well-being as you avoid the marketing mouse traps from your couch — or in line with a mask on, standing on an X exactly six feet away from some questionable guy fondling the cashmere gloves you intended to purchase for your mother-in-law.    

Without further ado, welcome to my guide to the only 10 places you will want to shop this season. And for your convenience, they are all #VioletCodeApproved. 

My Vetting Standards:

✔ Solid company values 

✔ Founder-led business or non-profit organization

✔ Carries a best-in-class edit of stuff that will bring you and your giftees joy.

The only 10
places to shop

01 – For all your VIOLET junkies. Duh.


1. Stock up on the best creams, serums and other pretty shiny things for your expensive-but-worth-it skin care habit. Shop The Skin Care Edit.

2.  Breeze through your gifting list! Cross off everyone who shares your enthusiasm for best-in-class cosmetics, self-care, and home spa treatments. Shop Our Gifting Edit.

3. Support a founder-led (that’s me!) small business with a team of 31 hard-working humans driven by delivering on one simple promise: to give you the gold standard in product recommendations. We’ve vetted everything so you don’t have to. Get On The List.

4. Build a world-class routine that makes you look and feel fantastic. Our on-staff experts are here to help you create the ultimate edit through one-on-one virtual house call appointments. Show them what you’re working with (or better yet, start from scratch), then let them suggest some game-changing vanity upgrades. Book a Consult.

5. Join our private community of most valued customers. Text ♥ to 310-510-6306 to get on the list.



02 – For the CHANEL collectors and OFF-WHITE sneakerheads in your life, shop Hirshleifers.

Also known as the best family-owned department store (and newly-launched e-commerce site) nobody knows about. Personal shoppers are standing by to guide you through the best edit of fashion brands in the world. Even better: You can spoil someone (or yourself) rotten for less when select items are 40% off starting on Friday, November 27.



03. For your furniture collectors, shop Claude Home.

We’ve all spent the last few months trying to “make ourselves at home.” Every one-of-a-kind piece — like the vintage Herman Miller Chicklet Lounge Chair in Bouclé or Vladimir Kagan Brown Velvet Sofa — that Brooklyn-based curator Maggie Holladay offers is guaranteed to get you one step closer to that a reality.



04. For all the curious kids on your list, shop MoMa.

For what it’s worth, the Andy Warhol Selfies Jigsaw Puzzle, Keith Haring Dominoes, and Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity book are on my wish list, too.



05. For all your friendly bookworms, gift a good read and sign them up for Goop’s new Book Club.

Sign yourself up too while you’re at it because it’s not just about the great books every month: Gwyneth and her goop-tastic team have made it fun and easy to share stories, deep-dive into conversations, and find a common collectiveness that we so desperately need at a time like this.



06. For giving in their name, shop Soolip for custom stationery.

Sending someone a holiday card is a given. But include a heartfelt, custom-printed message that you’ve made a holiday donation on their behalf, and you’ve cemented yourself among the best gift-givers ever. For charitable organizations, I’m partial to these Violet Code Approved recommendations:

- KIPP Public Charter Schools for a better educational system.  

- Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for a cleaner planet.  

- Equal Justice Initiative for criminal justice reform.  

- Baby2Baby for ensuring that every child has the basic necessities. 

- Step Up for empowering young women. 


07. For the foodies on your list, shop Goldbelly.

There’s nothing quite like sending a happiness pie, chocolate-covered hug, or deep-fried kiss from one of 350+ top-notch, small-business purveyors around the country. Hot tip: the white chocolate coconut bundt cake from Doan’s Bakery (a Tom Cruise holiday gifting favorite) never fails to delight.



08. For those who have an affection for exotic plants, shop The Tropics Inc Nursery.

Know someone with a flora fetish? Snag them some pilea peperomioides or Anthurium ‘Jungle Queen’ from this whimsical Hollywood staple dating back to 1972. Both bring a stylish and steady sense of calm to any space.



09. For the great love (or loves) of your life, shop FD Gallery.

This is where the cool kids come to collect rare antique jewels meant to be worn now and forever. Everything is checked for condition and authenticity, so you can rest assured that the vintage Cartier Love Bracelet you unearthed will last a lifetime.



10. For the friend with a sweet tooth, shop Ladurée.

Since flying to France isn’t realistic right now, may I suggest the next best thing: sweet treats from a family-owned Parisian patisserie specializing in the chicest (and finest) carbs on the planet. No gift-wrapping required.