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Have you over-groomed your brows into oblivion? Need a fix for sparse patches? Or just want a fuller, thicker set? Meet BROWFOOD, the plant-based serum that effectively triggers growth and, as one editor found, restores brows to their former glory.


Photography ByGUY AROCH

It’s no secret we have a great deal of affection for Audrey Hepburn at VIOLET GREY. The iconic beauty had irresistible gamine appeal and impeccable taste. My personal obsession, like many, started after watching her early work and has yet to wane years later. There’s a number of reasons to love her, but it was her big, bold brows I coveted most. The graceful curve from Roman Holiday, the heavily showcased pair in Sabrina, the nearly-horizontal look from Funny Face—I had a brow phase for each. Of course, I never achieved that level of full, thick, feathery perfection. An aversion to needles removed microblading from the table, brow extensions were too far reaching from my comfort zone, and a brow transplant sounded terrifying. I was left to my own mediocre efforts to groom, fill, and define my brows.

So when I was approached to test BROWFOOD—a plant-based eyebrow enhancing serum from LASHFOOD—it was easy to say yes. The constant cycle of tweezing and reshaping in pursuit of Hepburn-caliber brows had left me completely shapeless and patchy. To really gauge the effect, and have my fellow VIOLETs weigh in, I decided to take testing a step further and forgo my regular makeup and maintenance rituals. I allowed myself some clear brow gel for daytime and nothing more. After about three weeks of religious application, new hairs started to appear and I entered serious tweezer withdrawals. Fortunately, around this time I also received office feedback in between meetings and coffee breaks that kept me from attacking emerging hairs. Two weeks later, I was grateful I did.

Not only did BROWFOOD help me grow new hairs, it also made them look thicker, fuller, and more conditioned than before. I was also extremely relieved that I had zero reaction to the formula. As someone with hypersensitive skin prone to irritation (more on that here) my standard is simple: if a product is not gentle enough to sustain regular use, then it’s not worth using, regardless of how impressive the results.


Applying the serum couldn’t be simpler: Clean brows and sweep the brush-tip applicator along the roots of hairs and over sparse areas. One tube will last three months when used every night. The magic driving the regenerating  transformation is BROWFOOD’s Phyto-Medic Complex, a formula rich with medicinal herb extracts that work to prevent hair loss and trigger regrowth. Other noteworthy ingredients include rice protein that’s used to strengthen and protect each hair follicle, a peony root complex that revitalizes the skin, and lavender flower water to refresh and nourish healthy brows. Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself at the start of the treatment for the most satisfying before and after comparison.


In a word: Patience. The real challenge, it turns out, is seeing the treatment through to the end and retiring your tweezing, threading, or waxing rituals during the grow-out period. I want to stress that you’ll be happy you played the long game once you start rehabilitating your brows. Need extra motivation? Track down a photo of yourself during adolescence and give it a long look: that’s your brow potential staring back at you. Avoid looking at a mirror and scrutinizing your brows for the first few weeks. But if you really just can’t help but indulge in tidying up your brows, at the very least try to be conservative. 


Having full brows does nothing to enhance your face if they’re lacking shape or if they are improperly defined. With your new set, it can be difficult to tell where angling and arching should begin and end. Get professional help to avoid undoing weeks of work and botching your final look. FYI, I found that I hit a natural plateau with the treatment and the growth remained intact on its own. Although I still apply BROWFOOD to patchy spots in the inner part of my brow, I finally have my version of Hepburn arches (circa Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

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