From LED light therapy to lasers, body-treatment experts offer the most cutting-edge treatments for head-to-toe red-carpet prep.
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On the red carpet, there’s nowhere to hide. With klieg lights, zoom lenses and drones closing in from every angle, not a shoulder, not a leg, not even an ankle can avoid the scrutiny. Celebrity skin-care experts know their work doesn’t stop at the neck, and that any technology that works wonders on the face can also improve skin below the chin.
“Actresses don’t always know in advance what they’re going to be wearing throughout awards season, so we treat the entire body,” says Gina Mari, a Beverly Hills aesthetician with a heavily guarded roster of A-list clientele. For insight on the subject, VIOLET GREY tapped Mari along with dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad and Melissa Haloossim, registered nurse and managing director at the Kate Somerville Clinic on Melrose Place, for the quick-fix treatments they swear by. And while any expert will tell you that no-downtime treatments such as these won’t dramatically change the shape or size of your body, they’re the tricks actresses often use to inch a little closer to picture perfection.
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Expert: Gina Mari, Beverly Hills Aesthetician

The Treatment: Microdermabrasion + Acid Wash
Mari and her team exfoliate the entire body using a dual treatment: First up is microdermabrasion to buff dead skin manually. Then she applies a customized, light acid wash for chemical exfoliation. The type of acid depends on your skin type. Mandelic acid is ideal for normal skin, or glycolic acid for oily skin (among others).

Need to Know: There is no downtime, and glowing results can be seen immediately, so this treatment should be done the day of or the day before a red-carpet event.  
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Expert: Dr. Ariel Ostad, Board-Certified Dermatologist

The Treatment: Sclerotherapy +  Laser Treatment
First, Dr. Ostad injects the vein with a saltwater-based solution that forces the vein to collapse, a tried-and-true technique with no downtime called sclerotherapy that can fade the majority of veins. For very small or stubborn veins that resist the injection method, he uses a Nd:YAG laser, which penetrates deeper into the skin to scar and collapse the veins.

Need to Know: Results can take up to 30 days after each injection and can be done every six weeks until the majority of veins are diminished. Treatment of stubborn veins with the Nd:YAG can be painful and will leave skin red for up to 24 hours.
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Expert: Gina Mari, Beverly Hills Aesthetician

The Treatment: LED Light Therapy
Mari’s mixture of red, infrared and blue LED light therapy delivers safe rays (for the skin, not the eyes; protective goggles are provided) that stimulate collagen. “It prompts your cells to turn over quicker; it’s a universal treatment for younger-looking skin,” Mari says, referring to the fact that everyone (no matter age or skin tone) will see the benefits of at least one of the results from the three-minute treatment.

Need to Know: Expect the best results after regular treatments, spaced between six and eight weeks apart. There is no downtime, so it can be done right before a red-carpet event.
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Expert: Melissa Haloossim, RN, Managing Director at the Kate Somerville Clinic on Melrose Place

The Treatment: Vaser Shape
“Ultrasound waves are used to warm and treat the fatty tissue beneath the skin, improving skin’s firmness by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite,” Haloossim says of the painless treatment. It can also subtly reduce the size of one’s waistline (or anywhere on the body) by reducing the volume of the fat cells by stimulating and breaking down the cells and draining fluid and toxins.

Need to Know
: For best results three to five weekly sessions are recommended. Some results can be seen immediately, with full results appearing within a day or two of a treatment. 
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Expert: Gina Mari, Beverly Hills Aesthetician

The Treatment: TriPolar
TriPolar is a mixture of radio frequency and thermal energy that tightens and tones the skin and shrinks fat cells, Mari explains, through lymphatic drainage. This one is great for firming loose skin anywhere on the body (for example, Mari’s clients often want to target the skin on the knees) and reducing the fat on resistant areas, like the hips and buttocks.

Need to Know: For optimal results a patient can have TriPolar done once a week for six to eight weeks leading up to the event. There is no downtime, so treatments can be timed to finish right before the event.

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