And the nominees for best supporting product or tool in a foundation application are...
Written By Lexy Lebsack
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For Awards Season 2015 VIOLET GREY is documenting Hollywood’s red-carpet necessities. The industry’s leading stars and artists will be nominating who they deem the best in various categories, from dinner clutch touch-up essentials to the most coveted facialists in town, for the #VIOLETawards series.

In cinema and television, as in beauty, every star needs a trusty sidekick. Lucy had Ethel, Maverick had Goose, and Gem had her Holograms. The same goes for makeup – foundation in particular. Rare is a moment when red carpet makeup artists apply face makeup without a product or tool to aid in a flawless finish. So much so that they’re often considered just as important as the actual foundation in the game of complexion perfection. So without further ado, may VIOLET GREY present the nominees for the best foundation sidekicks, selected by the artists who perfect the complexions of stars like Felicity Jones, Reese Witherspoon, and Dakota Johnson, below.

the best complexion

VIOLET GREY’s community of artists nominate the best products and tools for flawless foundation application.
“This serum gives the skin a smooth finish to build on for makeup. It’s also great for sensitive skin!”
“This primer creates a thin layer that makes your makeup application smoother. Plus, it helps your makeup last longer.”
“This primer doesn't feel heavy or look dense under foundation; It’s like a soft layer of mattifying silk. Some primers can ball up, or pill, under foundation, but this one stays very smooth.”
visionnaire [1 minute blur]
“La Mer’s lotion is a makeup-friendly moisturizer for all skin type; it hydrates but isn’t overly rich, so it won’t make foundation turn greasy.”
“It rapidly applies foundation in the most even way possible. I use a light tapping motion to distribute the product with the pointed end, and if I want to sheer out an area I use the larger rounded end over that area to soak up excess product.”
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Best Black-Tie Shoe
by Elizabeth Sulcer, Stylist

5 winter skin

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In polite society,
behind every
good foundation is a great PRIMER.
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