Makeup artist Violette shares her favorite Paris addresses for beauty and beyond.
Written By Christine Whitney
All roads lead to Paris, especially on the biannual pilgrimage that is fashion month. Here, our favorite makeup artist and French girl par excellence, Violette, shares her preferred spots for everything from blowouts to power breakfasts in the City of Lights. Should you find yourself feeling a little run down before the Balmain show, pop into the infrared dome at Stefan Jaulin. Hungry before Dior? Stop by Chambelland for a gluten-free (yes, they exist) pain au chocolat. Read on for more of Violette’s insider picks. 

Jean Claude Biguine
Even when I was living in Paris, I would get all my haircuts in New York City. But for my blowout I go to Jean Claude Biguine on Rue Marbeuf. Ask for Xavier or Alexandre. 10 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris; +33 1 53 67 81 80
Bel Ange
The perfect manicure—request Pascale. 64 Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris; +33 1 44 70 94 33
L’Atelier du Sourcil
This is the place I always go, even now that I live in New York. Ask for Manuela (only!) for your eyebrows and my favorite: permanent eyelashes and eyelash dye (no more mascara). To book it in French, request a réhaucils95 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris; +33 1 85 08 69 50
Joëlle Ciocco
I love to go in for a consultation with her—she is my skin guru! 8 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris; +33 1 42 60 58 80
Biologique Rechèrche
I am a huge fan of the facial at Biologique Rechèrche—it’s my new thing. Book 15 minutes with the hair specialist (yes, they have a haircare specialist!) so she can can apply their P50 scalp lotion—the key to healthy hair—and a keratin mask prior to your facial. Then Sarah, the facialist, gives me the VIP o2 treatment, which boosts radiance and reduces the darkness under my eyes, plus the magical Remodeling Face, a totally noninvasive electrical current-based treatment which softens wrinkles and re-contours your visage. I was so surprised—my skin looked smooth, fresh, and super healthy, with no dark circles! Afterwards, the hair specialist gives you a rinse and a blowout and va-va-voom!  32 Avenue des Champs–Elysées, 75008 Paris; +33 1 41 18 96 84
Spa at the Mandarin Oriental
Ask for Yuki—she’s amazing. I suggest starting with the steam room, where they mix you a homemade scrub, and I love the aromatherapy treatments. Everything they do is great. You have your own suite and steam room, and at the end of your session they serve you a patisserie from the amazing chef.  251 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris; +33 1 70 98 73 35
Institut Stephan Jaulin
This is the first place I go after landing and dropping off my bags. They serve delicious fresh juices before and after your treatments. I always do a Iyashi Dome, which is an infrared treatment to deeply detox. If you’re not scared to sweat, there isn’t anything like it. They also offer other amazing services by Stephan [Jaulin, the founder]. I buy all their alkaline products—bath salts, breakfast things, and tea—but my very favorites are the pure vitamin C and the wheatgrass powder, which I use to make an amazing detox smoothie. 8 Place de Breteuil, 75015 Paris; +33 1 42 19 94 17
Beauty & Wellness
Herboristerie du Paris Royal
Herboristerie is the place for wellness and grandma-recipe beauty products, and Oh My Cream! is my favorite modern beauty store. Herboristerie: 11 Rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 97 54 68; Oh My Cream!: 3 Rue de Tournon, 75006, Paris; +33 1 43 54 80 83  
Montaigne Market 
Whenever I have a window of free time, I run to Montaigne Market, which has an amazing mix of the best up-and-coming and well-known designers. It’s small, so it’s fast and efficient when I’m in a hurry. Saint Laurent, which is one of the three designers I wear, is next door, and Barbara Bui is on the other side of the street. Kiki de Montparnasse is right there as well.  
57 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris; +33 1 42 56 58 58
I always buy notebooks, where I draw my makeup ideas and write down notes from my consulting work with clients. I also go there to create little gift bags. 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris; +33 1 42 77 00 33
Healthy Pick-Me-Up
Cojean (everywhere in Paris) for the fresh bottled juices you can just grab out of the fridge. The company uses a machine that helps the drinks retain all their vitamins. 42 Boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris; +33 1 45 48 98 87
Power Breakfast
The Mandarin Oriental
Ask for the macrobiotic breakfast. It’s lot of food, but also the most healthy and so good. I love to have my breakfast meetings there before a big day so full of meetings and shows that I probably won’t be able to eat lunch. 251 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris; +33 1 70 98 78 88
Light Lunch
I love this Japanese restaurant for a healthy lunch! 10 Rue Saint-Florentin, 75001 Paris; +33 1 42 60 13 00
Gluten-Free Treats
Go to this gluten-free bakery for all their amazing breads—the Paris orange blossom, Athlete, and five-grain ones are the best. They also make a great sandwich with focaccia, pain au chocolate, moelleux au chocolat, and tarts. Everything is wonderful. 14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris; +33 1 43 55 07 30
French Fare
L’Auberge Bressane
When my friends and I want real French food we hide out here. Order the truffle tournedos and a soufflé for dessert—a chocolate one, please! 16 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007 Paris; +33 1 47 05 98 37
See-and-Be-Seen Dinner
Le George at the George V Hotel
I love to get there with my best friend Mélanie Huynh. We are also obsessed with the Kinugawa’s new location for sushi on Rue de Ponthieu—obsessed! And of course I love Caviar Kaspia. 31 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris; +33 1 49 52 70 00
Watering Hole
Le Bar du Bristol
I love to ask the famous bartender to make whatever his inspiration tells him! And of course Café de Flore, especially since I moved to New York. Le Bar du Bristol: 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris; +33 1 53 43 42 41; Café de Flore: 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France; +33 1 45 48 55 26


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