why your
armpits deserve
the best

How chef, holistic nutritionist, and cofounder of LA–based restaurant Honey Hi found the deodorant of her dreams.


In seventh grade I decided, once and for all, that I would conquer my number-one enemy—my underarms. I struck a deal with my mom that I would do all my chores, but under one condition. She had to buy me Certain Dri, the prescription-grade chemical deodorant locked behind the glass at the drugstore. I suppose I always suspected that completely sealing off the pores in my armpits couldn’t be good for my health—after all, we sweat for a reason. But nothing could deter me. Thus began my obsession with finding the perfect, most effective deodorant on the market.

Like many consumers, as I got older I began to take a closer look at what I put into my body and how it made me feel. I started with what I ate, and eventually this led to an overhaul of my personal care products, which are notoriously toxic and unregulated. I first dipped my toes in the natural deodorant waters with a very popular drugstore brand. I soon discovered the inevitable: It definitely didn’t work,  and dare I say it made the situation worse? Many mediocre natural deodorants came and went throughout the years, but nothing could hold a candle to my beloved Certain Dri—until now.

AGENT NATEUR uni(sex) is a godsend. The musky agender sandalwood scent is downright sexy, and I no longer feel the need to wear fragrance or scented lotion. I look forward to putting it on every morning and, most important, I love that the ingredients are as naturally sourced as those I use at my restaurant, Honey Hi. Now if only I could get my boyfriend to stop using it all up...