A letter FROM OUR team:

a force 

Our first steps in a long-term commitment to living the values of equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Photography ByGUY AROCH

In the beauty industry, looking in the mirror is always part of the job. During this historic moment, VIOLET GREY is doing so deeply—with eyes and heart wide open—and owning our responsibility and privilege as a platform to advance equality, promote diversity, and stand for inclusivity.

We see the deep and ongoing pain of racism in our society. We recognize, too, that historically, beauty ideals have excluded people of color, especially the Black community, and acknowledge our role in not doing enough to change them. VIOLET GREY believes in the power and beauty of diversity, but we haven’t always demonstrated that belief through our content and products. We intend to now. And we are committed to championing beauty in every form and pursuing the meaningful change we know needs to happen in the industry and in society at large. 

We know self-reflection and donations aren’t enough. Action that is tangible, real, and enduring is what matters. To that end, we are sharing three actions that VIOLET GREY is putting into motion now:


  1. 1. START FROM WITHIN: Change happens only when we listen. We created an open forum to discuss racial inequality within our organization and to learn how we can better support our Black colleagues, clients, partners, and community. We will be implementing implicit bias training to improve our hiring practices and ensure equal employment opportunities to people of color across all ranks.

  2. 2. DIVERSIFY OUR BRAND PARTNERS: True inclusivity calls for economic justice. We are supporting Aurora James’ initiative and pledging to evolve our product assortment to include 15% of Black-owned businesses. We recognize that we need more products to address the beauty interests of Black people such as those for natural, curly hair, and we will prioritize finding those that are best-in-class. In addition, we commit to stocking all color complexion shades from our current brand partners and will focus on securing wider makeup shade ranges moving forward.

  3. 3. AMPLIFY DIVERSE VOICES: Representation matters. We will use our platform to celebrate a diverse group of talent—not just in front of the scenes, but behind them too with photographers, editors, and writers of color. Our current community of beauty experts includes some of the world's most respected artists, many of whom are BIPOC—and as we grow our committee of creative partners, we will actively seek out more experts of all backgrounds to share their perspectives on beauty. Recognizing that people of color have to work harder to gain opportunities, we will introduce an Emerging Artists Initiative with the mission of opening doors for and fostering them as the future stars of the beauty industry. 

All of us at VIOLET GREY value diversity, fairness, and equality. And as we take the first steps in a long-term commitment to living these values, we welcome your feedback. Please contact us at We look forward to your thoughts.


In Solidarity,