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The mother and founder of Romy & the Bunnies divulges her morning beauty routine.

Written By JAYME CYK

After giving birth to her daughter, Romy, in 2012, Julia Restoin Roitfeld couldn’t find a platform that catered to the modern mother. So she decided to create one herself. To fill the gap, in 2013 she revealed Romy & the Bunnies, a lifestyle website for mothers and expectant mothers who are devoted to their children, yet understand the importance of setting aside time for themselves. “You don’t have to choose between motherhood and a career—my mom [Carine Roitfeld] had us very young, and look at her!” she says. “Motherhood is not the end of womanhood. I sometimes receive messages from mothers and pregnant women thanking me for showing them it’s possible to do it all. That’s my biggest achievement thus far.”

To celebrate our Mom and Baby launch, Restoin Roitfeld spoke to The Violet Files about her indulgences and mother-daughter morning rituals.

JULIA & Romy by day


I am very careful with my skincare regimen. I start by washing my face, and I rotate a few different cleansers. My favorites are the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser, Herve Herau, and Biologique Recherche. Sometimes I’ll use a small face brush in circular motions to exfoliate and deeply cleanse.

Then I apply a serum and a moisturizer, which I always make sure are from the same brand. I alternate between the ones from Herve Herau and La Mer. In the winter I reach for an oil, specifically the By Terry or Ren Rose Oil. I also recently added sunscreen to my daily routine even though I know I should have started using it much earlier. I like La Roche Posay and just discovered the Supergoop Mist, which I reapply throughout the day, even over makeup.

In terms of makeup, I like to keep it light during the day. I usually use only concealer. I’m a big fan of the RMS “Un” Cover-Up, and then I brush my eyebrows and curl my lashes. I get my eyebrows tinted by Jimena Garcia whenever she is in town.

When it comes to my body, after getting out of the shower I lather on a lot of body oil while still wet and let it penetrate into my skin. I love the Ren Rose Body Oil, or I’ll use some orange blossom oil I got in Marrakech. For my hair I will just add some Morrocanoil on the ends, and spray a bit of Oribe’s Blow Dry Spray and let it air-dry.

When I was pregnant I made sure to moisturize as much as possible to avoid stretch marks. I used a lot of cocoa butter and Hei Poa Monoi Oil. When I became pregnant I started to be more particular about using as many natural products as possible. I lived in London and New York then, and I got a lot of prenatal massages.


Most of the time Romy sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night, so I wake up with her saying, “I love you, you’re so beautiful” or “Can I have milky?” But I am not going to lie: Mornings are hectic for me, and I still have not found the perfect formula! I try to wake up at 6:30 a.m., which gives me time to make my coffee, pack Romy’s lunchbox, and jump in the shower before she gets up. I do my best to finish getting dressed before waking her up so I have some me time. Then we snuggle for a bit. I get her warm milk—she won’t get out of bed without it—and prep her breakfast, usually scrambled eggs. I just eat a bit of her leftovers. Once she is done with breakfast I help her get dressed, brush her teeth, and style her hair (I am very bad at doing hair, which is good because she likes hers down like mine). At 8:10 a.m. we leave the house and jump in a cab to go to school.

It’s more about self-respect and a necessity to make time for yourself and your own well-being.



I used to play music in the morning, but it’s been taken over by Romy watching an episode of Sofia the First. The music I play depends on my mood. Right now I am home alone, and I love listening to Radiohead on Spotify. It’s very relaxing.


I cannot start my day without jumping in the shower first thing after my coffee. I wash my body with Kiehl’s Coriander Shower Gel, and if I have time I’ll use the Coriander Body Scrub. I also love to exfoliate and boost circulation with a lymphatic brush while I’m in the shower.

I wash my hair every other day in the morning and use Kiehl’s Shampoo for Colored Hair and Olive Oil Conditioner for dry hair.

I also love a good bath. It’s something I will do at the end of the day or on Sunday to relax with a glass of wine and a lot of bubbles. I also love doing face masks when in a bath. My favorites are the SK II Facial Treatment Mask, RéVive’s Masque de Glaise, and the Bouncy Mask from First Aid Beauty. I sometimes do a few in a row. Romy and I love taking baths together too, but it’s getting hard as she grows bigger and the tub gets smaller!


I love Babo Botanicals, Mustela, and California Baby [LINK BRAND PG]. I recently tried the Shiffa Pregnancy Oil [LINK PDP], and I love it. It’s definitely one I am taking in my suitcase this summer. I also cannot wait to try the Chantecaille [LINK PDP] baby products. It’s funny because the illustrations are by Kate Schelter, who was one of the first illustrators I used on Romy & the Bunnies!


As a French woman, of course I love Bonpoint, but I reserve it for special occasions and when I go to Paris. I also love another French Brand, Louise Misha, that has the cutest dresses. It’s very girly bohemian, but also easy to play in and comfortable for kids.

I always find cute things online at Gap Kids and Zara Kids, but when I’m in Paris I go to Monoprix. They have a cute, affordable kids’ line created by a former Bonpoint designer. I’m also a big fan of John Lewis in London, and I buy the classic British school uniforms for Romy. I prefer old-school kid fashion. Although Romy does love a small heel, and I’ll get her a pair of shoes with a 1-inch heel at Monsoon in London. They also have these crazy, a bit over-the-top fancy dresses that are meant for birthdays and weddings. They are like princess dresses, and Romy loves them.


It’s so important to feel good about yourself to keep going and pushing through. I get a manicure and pedicure once a week, and I have my hair colored every three weeks at Privé by Laurent D with Christopher John. I always make time for working out. Once I drop off Romy at school I go to Annie Venier of Le Petit Studio, or after a long day I’ll head to SoulCycle. I don’t consider these indulgences. It’s more about self-respect and a necessity to make time for yourself and your own well-being.