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The Westworld heroine, and icon of unconventional chic, suits up for the Emmys.





Hair By JOHN D


Truly, there has never been a better, or more beautiful, robot to fall in love with than Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores on HBO’s Westworld. By turns docile or alluring, then menacing and verging on insane, Dolores is one of the most complex portrayals of womanhood currently on screen, in a year packed with strong roles for actresses. What’s most brilliant about Wood’s portrayal is the tenderness she gives to Dolores at what should be her most robotic, such as when she’s being quizzed by her human overlords or struggling to remember a past life. One senses the deep well of emotion that Wood, with her watchful eyes, draws upon to make the character heartbreakingly human.

This evening, however, Wood is far from robotic as her team readies her for the Emmys in the home she is renting in Silver Lake (a respite from the deserts of Utah, where Westworld is filmed). She laughs that when she’s asked about her fitness regimen—a requisite for actresses, it seems—she can now say it’s horseback riding and gunslinging, both of which feature heavily on the show. In person she is quick to laugh, whether at herself or her rather ancient-seeming cat, a world away from her intense roles. 

Wood’s red carpet style is brilliantly distinctive, and she eschews the nude strapless gowns that many actresses and their stylists adore. Tonight she is in a brilliant white tuxedo (shoulderless, obviously) custom created by Jeremy Scott for the House of Moschino, her hair slicked back into a sharp, modern chignon. Tonight, she laughs, she wants a Moon Child from The Neverending Story look—dewy and radiant in white. 

Below, the most chic woman to conquer the Wild West discusses disrupting the red carpet, her love of Bowie, and the secret to looking good—Moon Juice.

SUBJECT: Evan Rachel Wood

OCCUPATION: Actress, activist 


TEAM: Toby Fleischman (makeup), John D (hair), Samantha McMillen (styling), Whitney Gibson (nails)

VENUE: Wood’s home in Silverlake

THE LOOK: Suit by Moschino by Jeremy Scott

How do you feel in general about the getting-ready process?

I think if you have the right team and the right vibe, and if you approach it with the mind-set of having fun instead of the pressure of looking good and driving yourself crazy, then it’s actually a really nice, meditative place to go to before you walk into a chaotic space. And I actually like the people who do my hair and makeup! Toby and I have been working together since I was 21, and John and I have been working together a few years. So it’s nice; it’s like a fun get-together with friends.

You’re known for a directional beauty look.

Growing up, I was really inspired by David Bowie, and how you couldn’t put him in a box. He was always reinventing himself, and he really led the way for glam rock and androgyny. So that was the world I felt most comfortable in.

I think because it’s easy to fall into a trap—not of being vain, necesarily, but caving to the pressure of what you think people want you to be in this industry. For me it’s just always been kind of enjoyable if it was about expression, and trying to convey a certain vibe or idea. Something that I know will inspire a feeling in somebody. Especially now. I feel like if you’re a woman in pop culture right now, you can’t help but feel like you have some kind of responsibility on your shoulders to inspire people to be who they are. So that comes into play.

The red carpet is very repressed.

Small gestures go a long way, surprisingly! Yes, I wore an outfit at an event, but there was a message behind it. And it’s the message that I think really stuck with people.

Growing up, I was really inspired by David Bowie, and how you couldn’t put him in a box. He was always reinventing himself, and he really led the way for glam rock and androgyny. So that was the world I felt most comfortable in.


There’s definitely a message in Dolores’ rather straitlaced outfits. Do you enjoy the period aspect of the show?

The show is fun because Dolores is about four different characters at once; she has so many versions of her being. It was fun to really go and do something that I hadn’t done before, so far in the opposite direction. She is this very stereotypical Disney princess, but there was always supposed to be something underneath that the guests were supposed to be drawn to.

It was supposed to be this deeper wisdom and consciousness. And I think every season is really going to be kind of different. I don’t think any of us are always going to be doing the same thing. We’ll discover different parts and characters. That’s what really drew me to it: I got to play the really genuine, sweet farm girl, but also a very highly intelligent computer, and merge with this other, darker entity. And surf in and out of all the turbulence. So it was multitasking like no other role I’ve played.

The Season 2 teaser has just released, and it’s rather dramatic, to say the least. 

[Wood laughs] Oh, man. She’s a very different beast!

The show builds very slowly and incrementally.

You feel like you’ve really earned it when it happens. I think that’s why the trailer got such a strong reaction, because people have been rooting for her to break free and be in control of her own destiny, and I think to see her finally on the front lines is really satisfying. 

Do you wear makeup when you’re not working?

I don’t wear makeup. I used to! I feel like I’ve gone through every makeup phase and really explored it. And I still do it, but I got to the point where I wear so much makeup for my job that when I’m not doing a photo shoot or Westworld or a film, I don’t wear any. Just to save my skin, really. But it’s kind of nice.

Oh, and sunscreen! Honestly. That’s it. I’m so pale as it is, I have to wear sunscreen every day, but that’s the secret to not aging. Especially now. Slather it on!

Sometimes I get home from work and I just can’t believe what I’ve been doing all day. No one would ever believe me.


Do you have a self-care regimen that’s not makeup-based?

After working on Westworld, I really understand why there is a reason to take care of yourself, because the stuff we actors have to put our bodies through is really intense. And especially on that show—it’s incredibly physical, we’re in 113-degree weather, and this season is much more chaotic, so there’s a lot more physical stuff. You’re also putting your emotions through the ringer, so that takes a toll on your body. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re going to get hurt. So it’s a necessity. I do a lot of bone broth and turmeric. I don’t usually eat a big breakfast; I just have a protein shake. I drink as many juices as I can because I hate eating salads. I just kind of down that [laughs]. 

What’s it been like spending months on a horse? Delores is always on the run!

I’ve been riding horses since I was a kid. I started out riding English, and then Western. I wanted to barrel race, but I was working already. And now I’m doing all kinds of stuff. But it’s great, because I feel really safe and secure in my ability and on that set, because they have the best in the business. Sometimes I get home from work and I just can’t believe what I’ve been doing all day. No one would ever believe me.


Today’s look was all about a feminine minimalism and natural beauty. Our reference was a clean look that let her amazing ivory Jeremy Scott suit do all the talking.

To start, I prepped Evan’s skin with Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Water. This product is amazing for wiping away any remaining product from the night before, and hydrating and prepping the skin. I used the Skin Nourishment Daily Lotion to moisturize because I love that it has SPF—these award-show red carpets are exposed to the direct sunlight. I prepped her lips with Burt’s Bees new All Weather Lip Balm, which also has SPF—we can’t forget to protect the lips, too!

We really wanted today’s aesthetic to be all about feminine, clean beauty. To create flawless skin, I used Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation in Buff and Almond Beige (I love mixing colors to really bring dimension to the skin) and Burt’s Bees Mattifying Powder in Vanilla to set it. On the eyes, I used the lightest shade from Shimmering Nudes all over the lids and especially in the inner corners of the eyes. I then blended the middle shade onto the outer half of the lid, and finally I mixed the darkest shade in the palette with the darkest shade in the Dusky Woods palette, and blended that into the crease and along the bottom lashline. On her cheeks I used a light mix of Bare Peach and Shy Pink Blush and a Toasted Cinammon to warm it up. Finishing things out, for a beautiful neutral lip I used the new Burt’s Bees Glossy Lipstick in Peony Dew.—TOBY FLEISCHMAN


Well, the starting point is always her; she’s the point of reference. I always like to ask my clients how they’re feeling, first and foremost. I come in with suggestions, but they dictate the style. I had a few options, and because she’s going with a softer suit than she has in the past, with wider legs and a softer color, she wanted to keep it really feminine and beautiful, and just soft—but still interesting. So I smoothed out the hair first, and saw where it was talking to me.

We have the most fun because she also gives us so much freedom. She trusts us. Once you have that level of understanding with each other, you’re reading from the same page. So she gives me an idea and I go in that direction.

The first thing I used was TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray, which is a prep spray. Then I used a GHD curl wand to create some bend in the hair. When you’re putting the hair in a twist or a braid, I like a little bend because it helps the hair lock in a lot easier. I tonged the ends of her hair to get the shape in there, but then backcombed it a lot and brushed it to create a modern take on a French twist. The clips are from Lelet New York. We settled on this one with pavé diamonds, and I wanted to place it a little bit askew to keep it interesting.—JOHN D