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An evening with the fresh-faced French-Canadian actress before the premiere of The Promise.





Styling by JEFF KIM

“For three-quarters of the movie I’m just covered in dirt!” says Charlotte Le Bon of her new film, The Promise. This is to be expected. While the film is a romance—Le Bon’s character finds herself in a love triangle with Christian Bale and Oscar Isaacs—it’s also a gritty, politcally charged period piece set against the backdrop of the Armenian genocide. 

Despite the movie’s weighty subject matter, Le Bon is joyfully free of pretense as she preps for its Los Angeles premiere. Tonight, she’s getting ready at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills with her team: hair stylist Owen Gould, makeup artist Beau Nelson and stylist Jeff Kim. Together, they’ve conspired to create a “showstopper moment” on the red carpet, replete with dramatic ruffles, smoky eyes and oversize jewels.

Before taking to the red carpet, Le Bon took the time to talk to VIOLET GREY about skin care obsession, period dramas, and the strange joys of driving.

SUBJECT: Charlotte Le Bon, @lebonlebon


OCCASION: The Los Angeles premiere of The Promise

TEAM: Beau Nelson (makeup), Owen Gould (hair), Jeff Kim (styling) 

VENUE: The Four Seasons Beverly Hills

THE LOOK: Dress by Rasario, Earrings by Anito Ko and Coomi, Shoes by Gianvito Rossi.

How did you come to star in The Promise?

It was a bit surreal actually! I was doing a road trip in Iceland when I received a call from my French agent, saying that Terry George wanted to meet me to do a Skype audition for this WWI movie with Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac. It was like, you’re lying. I was surrounded by volcanoes and I couldn’t believe it. Two weeks later, I was in New York doing a chemistry test with Oscar. And then I got the part!

What did you like about your character, Ana?

I was really attracted to her in a human way. She felt like a modern icon of that specific period of time. She was leading an independent life as an artist in Paris —education at the time was a matter of choice and money, and she was lucky enough to have both. She had this amazing life with this journalist boyfriend, to whom she wasn’t married, just in a relationship. And then one day this life felt meaningless and she decided to go back to her roots in Armenia [Le Bon’s character is an Armenian who was born and raised in France] and try to find another way of life. And when the war breaks out in the movie, she becomes this symbol of courage and abnegation. I will probably never be like her [laughs].

Your character’s dress really reflects this journey.

The first part of the movie it’s very powdered. It’s 1915, it’s really pretty, there was a lot of embroidery and corsets and huge hats. And then the other three-quarters of the movie I’m just covered in dirt! The makeup artist on set is a woman named Tina Earnshaw, who did the makeup on Titanic. She became my second mother because I was with her for 4 months. She took great care of me—even when I was covered in dirt it was applied in very specific colours. 

Are you into beauty when you’re not on set?

Skincare is really important, for sure. I’m obsessed with my skin. It’s almost bad. I get crazy when I get a pimple. It’s not about what I eat, because it really doesn’t matter for me. I know people say it’s about what you eat but for me, it really doesn’t matter. It’s the products that I use.

What products do you use?

I see a woman in Paris who makes all of her own products. She comes from Morocco and works with essential oils. And at the same time she does facials and stuff like that. I wash my face with black soap once a day, and then I just apply a cream she does for me. And I don’t use makeup.

Where are you based?

Right now my apartment is in Paris. But I’ve been spending a month here [in LA] and I think I’ll spend two more.

Where’s your favorite place in LA?

It’s crazy but I just like being in my car and driving around! In Paris you can’t do that. It’s impossible to have a car in Paris. 

What’s your getting ready soundtrack?

I’ve been listening to the latest Frank Ocean album for a while now. People say the first one is the best but I don’t agree. It’s nostalgic and at the same time there’s hope in it.

Ideal dinner date?

Keith Haring.

Pre-Game beverage?

A shot of vodka!


“For Charlotte's look this evening we did a classically beautiful face with a sheer black-slash-gunmetal smoky eye, a hint of color on the cheek and left the lips totally alone—just a coat of Rouge Coco Baume. Charlotte prefers balm to lipstick so we kept it simple and I slipped one into her clutch before she left. 

Since her dress is so dramatic I had to strike the right balance of drama and ease, so that it didn’t look like she was trying too hard. Keeping the eye semi-transparent makes it a lot more modern. And leaving the lips undone gives it a carefree, Parisian feeling. 

For perfect, natural-looking coverage, I applied Chanel Les Beiges Foundation only where needed and buffed it using a small, soft brush. And Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Sticks are perfect for blending into foundation to achieve a healthy luminous glow. 

I used Illusion D’Ombre cream shadows to create intensity on the eyes. Fleur Des Pierre was used at the lash line very intensely and faded up into Mysterio which was applied very sheerly and blended well so that you could see the skin underneath it. And Inimitable Intense Mascara—it gives me the blackest, thickest, non-clumpy lashes.” – BEAU NELSON


“Tonight we’re doing a back-textured ponytail. She’s got really nice hair so I don’t need to use too much product, but I’m using the Sachajuan Ocean mist for some texture and finishing it off with Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray. I’m also using a large barrel curling iron to add a little bit of a wave, and then pulling it back to show off her earrings.” – OWEN GOULD


“The dress is by Rasario, and we have jewels by Coomi and Anita Ko. The shoes are by Gianvito Rossi. Typically I don’t like for my girls to wear black on the red carpet, because a lot of times it doesn’t read very well and shows flat. But this dress has immaculate details—it’s kind of a showstopper moment— and it shows some leg, so it has a very classic, sexy old Hollywood kind of appeal. And we haven’t ever done that with Charlotte. Her style is very unique and cool. We’re very inspired by Cindy Crawford in the ‘90s, so we do a lot of high waists, crop tops, hair down, messy, fucked up, that kind of feel. It’s about staying true to a woman’s form in a new, modern way.” – JEFF KIM