A note introducing the VIOLET GREY gift shop, by editorial director Christina Han.

VIOLET GIFTS HAVE ARRIVED: a note introducing the VIOLET GREY gift shop, by editorial director Christina Han  |  #VioletGrey, The Industry's Beauty Edit

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Dear friends, 
Mothers give good advice (for the most part). At the very least, they give advice with good intentions. Every so often they offer a morsel of advice that only gets better with age. In my case, those poignant words of wisdom arrived when I was 9 years old, after I gifted her with a glass fruit bowl. It was selected with the following thoughts in mind:
1. It’s Christmas, so I should buy a gift.
2. This fruit bowl looks nice.
It should not have been a surprise to me, or anyone else who knows my mom, that upon opening the carefully wrapped present, she uttered the following: “Thank you, but if you’re going to give me a gift, give me something that I might want and will not have to share with the family, and always save the receipt. Did you save the receipt?”
Some people might say this was harsh advice and that it’s the thought that counts (though, remember, there wasn’t too much thinking involved). But even at the age of 9, I carefully considered my mother’s words, hoped to heaven that I had indeed saved the receipt, and wholly understood that the art of gifting well requires true thoughtfulness and consideration. And a fruit bowl just doesn’t cut it. 

For this holiday season, and for any future moment that requires a box wrapped with a bow, I am proud to introduce the VIOLET GREY gift shop. There are beauty sets (13 in all) that were customized by the experts at VIOLET GREY and kitted with products from The Shelves, delicate dressing-room essentials (candles, French scents for the closet), and exclusive collaborations (Kiki de Montparnasse, Fleur du Mal). There are gifts small enough for a stocking (The Matching Lips & Tips Set) and large enough to make an impressive showing under the Christmas tree (The Ultimate Blowout Set). There are gifts to be purchased en masse, so you are always prepared with a perfect present (The Classic Beauty Set), and gifts for the hostess (The Bedside Table Set). And there are — never fear — gifts for yourself.

At VIOLET GREY, there is a meticulous process that ensures The Shelves are lined with the best in beauty. Each product is vetted, tested, and validated by a set of standards included within The Violet Code. For the gift shop, each piece was scrutinized and considered with the same regard. Beauty sets were curated with the wishes and desires of certain women in mind — my mother, dear friends, former mentors (of the W magazine and Vogue variety), Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey (our discerning founder) and movie stars — so that upon receiving a VIOLET GREY beauty set, the recipient will immediately know that the gift was chosen with care.

This holiday season, give women what they want, #giveVIOLET. (You won’t need to save that return receipt).

Happy holidays.
Christina Han 
Editorial Director

In polite

In polite society, give VIOLET
 for the
— violet grey
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