A note from the editor on the latest curation for VIOLET GREY.
Written By Christina Han
Editorial director, Christina Han, introduces VIOLET GREY's skin care curation  |  #VioletGrey, The Industry's Beauty Edit


Dear friends,
As a dedicated beauty editor for the last nine years, I’ve voluntarily subjected my face to the slathering of various skin care concoctions. The list of ooey, gooey and, at times, stinky skin care ingredients I’ve experienced is long: argan oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil (basically every essential oil imaginable), snake venom, tomato-garlic paste (I love pizza, but I do not love pizza sauce as a face mask), 24 karat gold, and so on. The jars, bottles, tubes and mists lining the shelves of my medicine cabinet swiftly overflowed into the cabinet under the bathroom sink, then over to the linen closet and, finally, a drawer in the dining room (in my world, precious eye creams trump silver serving spoons).
Skin care is an admitted obsession of mine mostly because it’s an obsession of my mother’s (the woman never skips her morning and evening skin maintenance rituals). So sometime last summer, when it came time to curate the best lotions, potions and tonics for VIOLET GREY’s skin care launch, I flexed my fingers, slapped on an SK-II sheet facial mask at my desk, and emailed everyone in VIOLET GREY’s community of artists, beauty editors, dermatologists and aestheticians. While I know what works (and doesn’t work) for my own complexion, I had to know about the skin care discoveries made by the best in the beauty business. The responses were akin to love letters: Veteran beauty editors waxed poetic about the likes of La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream (a must for night time repair), Revive’s Volumizing Serum (fine forehead lines simply disappear), and Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas’ 37 Actives face cream (an all-in-one moisturizer and efficient anti-aging solution). Makeup artist Pati Dubroff depends on Sjal Deep Pore Cleanser for a “squeaky clean” feel without any dryness; and Jenn Streicher relies upon Chantecaille’s Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask to keep redness at bay (a quick-fix solution prior to makeup application). Boston-based dermatologist Emily Wise stands stalwartly by French pharmacy brand, Avène, for its results-driven formulations for sensitive, dry and redness-prone complexions. And everyone unanimously agrees that sunscreen is the best anti-aging beauty product on the market.

After months of careful testing and evaluating against the standards outlined in The Violet Code, the complete VIOLET GREY skin care curation consists of 154 products from 26 brands that address all skin-types. Out of the millions of skin care products available in the world, we have selected the industry’s leading all-stars for your own cosmetic wardrobe.

Over the next weeks, The Violet Files will be brimming with invaluable skin care advice beginning with A Guide to Building Your Skin Care Routine, in which L.A.-based aesthetician Vanessa Hernandez outlines a guide to building your own skin care collection of essentials. Makeup artist Beau Nelson, who is often responsible for Kristen Stewart and Gigi Hadid’s red-carpet beauty looks, shares his list of must-haves for every skin type to prep for special event makeup application. Later this week we will share the anti-aging secrets of over a dozen industry top makeup artists and next week, Amy Adams’ makeup artist, Stephen Sollitto, divulges his tips to yielding a dewy, glowing complexion year-round and, for those who prefer it, a 3-step technique for maintaining a matte finish.

With VIOLET GREY by your side you will soon be an expert in good skin. You will know the difference between a toner and a mist, an emulsion and an oil, and in which order they should be applied. You will know when to mask and when to exfoliate. You will understand why it’s important to cleanse everyday and apply sunscreen religiously. Everyday will be a good skin day, and for those rare but inevitable blemish moments, VIOLET GREY has an answer for that, too — Indie Lee’s Blemish Stick.

Christina Han
Editorial Director, The Violet Files
After two years of rigorous testing, the industry's leading artists, experts and beauty editors have separated the 154 most life-changing skin saviors from the millions of products on the market.
all products approved by the #violetcode

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