It isn’t just the happy couple who deserves a gift on the big day––think of all the people who have helped them get down the aisle.

Written By LENA RAFF

Mick & Bianca Jagger c/o Lichfield Archive/GETTY IMAGES

There are few constants in life–predictable occurrences one can count on with nearly complete certainty. One of those constants? That wedding season will arrive with a bang every spring, bringing with it an array of gift-giving opportunities. Whether you love selecting thoughtful, personal gifts (the kind that they never knew they needed but can’t imagine living without), or you dread any occasion that might require buying wrapping paper, we have you covered with perfect gift selections for everyone who has helped to make the big day possible.

Selecting the right present is a special skill that takes practice, research, empathy, and time.  Luckily for you, our STAFFERS (including the writer of this piece, who is getting married in just six weeks) have spent years honing our gift-giving skills, and have drawn upon our well-earned expertise to curate the list of perfect gifts for anyone and everyone involved in weddings, leaving you free to float through the season on a carefree cloud of champagne and rose petals, secure in the knowledge that you chose exactly the right thing. 


An ideal gift from the Maid of Honor or Mother of the Bride, The Bride Set has every need and desire necessary to accomplish her glam for all of the wedding-related events. This collection offers key staples for perfected, long-lasting, glowing makeup (including a universally-flattering lip stain she can throw in her purse for touch ups) and anticipates any last-minute meltdowns over imperfect cuticles or frizzy flyaways.

They’ve been there for you through it all, now treat them to some extra TLC to see them through “The Big Day”...and maybe the day after. With everything from brightening eye masks to a foot-soak for recovering from all of the running around they did in their party shoes, this set will take your crew from pre-wedding skin-prep to morning-after hangover maintenance in comfort and style.

Pro tip: Place these boxes in their hotel rooms so they have everything they need at their fingertips.

Give your friend a sexy little something to add some romance to the wedding night. This lightly-scented candle melts into a silky massage oil that will be a gift for everyone involved.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to include a lighter. For extra credit, have one personalized.

They’ve had your back through it all, now have theirs by keeping your groomsmen smelling great from cocktail hour to dessert. This dentist-created mouth spray kills odor-causing germs so breath smells fresh, plus the tiny black bottle is incredibly discrete.

The special moment of officially becoming family calls for a gift infused with love, so pamper your new mother-in-law with the luxurious, relaxing Rose Quartz Eye Treatment Set from Angela Caglia. These massage tools, made from the “love stone”, will help her unwind post-party while soothing and depuffing eyes swollen from crying (or drinking). Plus, she’ll always have these keepsake pieces to remind her of the once-in-a-lifetime day.

Pro tip: Pair this with a heartfelt handwritten note, your words will be the real gift.

Hey, it’s a big day for Dad too. Help him relax and enjoy the festivities with these delicious and calming candies in a cheerful, dapper yellow box he’ll feel cool pulling out of his pocket.

Pro tip: Make sure he has these before the big speech.

Other than your soon-to-be-spouse, she’s the one. She’s your rock, your best friend, your sister (biological or otherwise). Show her how much she means to you by giving her a little something extra that makes her feel her most beautiful. This chic lip palette in easy-to-wear neutrals gives her a variety of options for all of the occasions surrounding the wedding, while keeping her lips comfortable and hydrated. Plus, the luxe compact fits in a tiny clutch so she can touch up throughout the night and look cute doing it.

Pro tip: Throw in the lip brush so she gets the perfect application and keeps her manicure pristine.

Traditionally, groomsmen aren’t encouraged to share in the same getting-ready rituals as the bride’s side. They don’t typically have a staff of hairstylists and makeup artists at the ready, but that doesn’t mean the men-folk don’t want to look and feel their best too (see: Grooming for Grooms). Gift your right-hand-man these cult-favorite, de-puffing, hydrating eye masks that will have him admiring himself in the mirror, and picking them up the next time he wants to look extra suave.

This candle says it all. You wouldn’t have gotten through the day without them, so tell your planner how…fabulous they are. This infamous candle will look stylish on their desk and fill their office with a sophisticated scent.

Pro Tip: If you love your planner, spread the word! The gift of future business is the gift that keeps on giving.