How Kim Kardashian’s go-to esthetician, Joanna Czech, activates stem cells underneath her foundation.

Photography ByVICEN AKINA

When it comes to primers, makeup artists tend to focus on how the makeup sets and how long it lasts. As an esthetician, I’m much more concerned about what’s happening underneath—to the skin. That’s why I am so happy to have found this new formula from Victoria Beckham Beauty. It's made in partnership with German scientist Augustinus Bader, so it has his signature Trigger Factor Complex, which kicks skin cells into repair mode, with the added benefit of blurring powders that give skin an almost airbrushed finish. It's not as thick as the Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, which I love at night, but it shouldn't be—otherwise makeup would just run and slip off.

Since VIOLET GREY sent it to me to test, I have used it in at least three different climates, one of which was Shanghai where it’s dry and dusty, and I have to say mixed with foundation and a touch of oil (that’s my trick for sheering out coverage), my skin felt so smooth that I could not stop touching it! Also my makeup, which I never pay attention to, was exactly the same five hours later as when I put it on. My skin is aging (I am approaching 56) and it is easily dehydrated, but I did not experience any flakiness and it actually worked as a nice filler for any imperfections like fine lines or enlarged pores. I love that it protects your skin from anything that you put on top and the fact that it has no fragrance is amazing. I am not sure why, maybe it’s from the micro algae or black tea, but I always feel a cooling effect when I apply the cream. Regardless, my skin looks and feels more unified—smaller pores, softer lines, and more even overall.

But creams can only do so much. To really boost radiance and circulation, you have to do facial massage. Every morning, I cleanse, tone, and then do some rolling with my aluminum massager, which grasps the skin and muscles gently for a nice lift. A bonus is that if you increase blood flow first, whatever you apply over top penetrates easier like oil or serum. Plus, massaging the tissue increases oxygen and when you do that while applying the primer, which has the technology to stimulate cell repair, those two together make a powerful healing and reparative couple. That's the best moment to regenerate skin—not to mention boost some insane glow.


Name: Joanna Czech

Job Description: Celebrity esthetician

Where to Find Her: New York and Dallas

Instagram: @joannaczechofficial

Beauty Essential: Victoria Beckham By Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer


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