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L.A makeup artist Mai Quynh has a healthy addiction to this microneedling miracle worker.

Written By MAI QUYNH

I’ve tried microneedling before—both with an at-home roller and in my dermatologist’s office. I think the concept of microneedling is really cool, as far as piercing the skin to rebuild collagen goes and all that. I feel like the process helps with resurfacing and plumping of any fine lines, especially the ones I have between my brows. But honestly, the in-office treatment was a little too aggressive for me, so I never went back. And some friends of mine have gotten bacterial infections from at-home rollers because maybe they hadn’t cleaned their device well enough?! Which is why, I love that the Saint Skin Micro Press + Youth Serum is a one-time use thing. That way, you know all 25 of the super-thin needles you’re pushing into your skin are sterile. I also like that you add the serum inside the microneedling device, so you’re getting an all-in-one, pro-level treatment. Before, when I’d tried the rollers, you’d use them on dry skin, then add your serum afterwards. I feel like this way, the anti-aging serum penetrates deeper because as soon as you puncture the skin, the serum is going right in.

I prefer to use the Saint Skin Micro Press + Youth Serum at night before bed in the areas where I have lines and hyperpigmentation. When I wake up in the morning, I definitely notice a difference in my skin. I feel like the lines aren’t as obvious. It also seems like my freckles are a bit lighter. It tingles a bit when you press the needles into your skin, but to me, that means it’s working. It definitely doesn’t hurt. The serum contains bioavailable vitamin C, which is super potent and immediately brightens the skin. And as opposed to my experience at my derm’s office, the Saint Skin Micro Press + Youth Serum doesn’t irritate my complexion at all. And it takes me less than five minutes to do my whole face. I really feel like it works because you see an improvement after only one treatment. I can only imagine how great my skin will be when I start using this consistently!


Name: Mai Quynh

Job Description: Celebrity makeup artist

Where to Find Her: Los Angeles

Instagram: @storyofmailife

Beauty Essential: Saint Skin Micropress + Youth Serum

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