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New York makeup artist Nina Park doesn’t leave for a job without this staple in her kit.


I’ve done so many makeup touch-ups in the back of a moving car with no light. I know that’s not what it’s intended for, but the Riki Skinny Mirror with its illuminated frame is a miracle in those situations! Aside from that, it’s a staple in my pro kit, since it’s very lightweight and doesn’t bog down my suitcase, which is already so heavy. That makes it easy to bring along with me anywhere—not just in the back of cars—but to hotel rooms and other places where I need to do killer makeup and where the lighting and mirror situation is less than ideal. When I work, it’s critical for me to have a reliable mirror so I can see what I’m actually doing. It’s a different perspective—being able to step away and assess the reflection, symmetry, and how the makeup looks overall—that’s so important for nailing the final look.

Speaking of reflection, one thing that can be a problem with lightweight mirrors, is that they can be a little warped. Like, the reflection you’re seeing isn’t the same as what you’d see by staring at someone directly in the face. But the Riki Skinny Mirror isn’t warped in any way; you just get a true reflection, identical to what you’d see face to face. And with the LEDs around the border, you have an evenly distributed light source, not just one direct light. As a result, it really illuminates the face. (My sweet spot is on the third setting. I find it works consistently no matter what level of detail you’re trying to create.)

I hadn’t really used other light-up makeup mirrors before, so when I found this one, it felt like the Holy Grail. I love that you can stand it up and that you can easily carry it around. It’s the size of an iPad, so it’s super convenient, but still substantial enough that you’re able to see your whole face. And I love the chicness of the black frame, which you can only get at VIOLET GREY. It also comes with a handy phone clip, you know, if selfies or video streaming is your thing.

Bottom line: I swear by it. In fact, I’m such a fan that last year I gifted each of my clients with one for the holidays. Really, this has truly been such a game changer for me in any situation. If I have this mirror, I know I’ll be set, no matter how dark a room is.


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