cleansing oil
that instantly
brightens skin

Why this radiance-boosting, oil-based cleanser is celebrity makeup artist Carola Gonzalez’s top pick.


One of the first things I notice when trying a new skin care product? Scent. For me, the way something smells can make it or break it.

With its fresh, citrus-like fragrance, Pai’s Rosehip Cleansing Oil gives major botanical garden vibes with a lingering bouquet of basil, orange, geranium, lime, and jasmine essential oils. It’s energizing, yet incredibly soothing.

Once it passed my fragrance test, I began massaging a few pumps of the silky oil onto my dry face and around my eyes to dissolve makeup and remove impurities. The formula emulsified and melted in effortlessly creating a light milky texture with just a few drops of water. That’s key, because not all oil cleansers deliver on this sort of sensation. Some feel sticky and others ironically have left my complexion dehydrated and tight. This one did none of the above. Even when using a lightly exfoliating muslin cloth along with it, my skin emerged luminous.

Needless to say, after just one cleanse, I was sold. My skin looked as if I had worn a brightening face mask for 20 minutes. It appeared supple, radiant, and plump. And no wonder: The hero ingredient, rosehip oil, is known for its anti-inflammatory, healing properties, high levels of vitamin E, as well as its ability to help fade discoloration and protect skin against environmental stressors. To really amp up the glow, I recommend adding another layer of moisture post-cleanse via a dewy essence or a multitasking face oil like Pai’s Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil.

My skin care style: Once I like something, I’m a loyal fan and use it all the time. I’m happy to report that Pai Rosehip Cleansing Oil is part of my new go-to cleansing duo (the other face wash I’m obsessed with is iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser). The nourishing, non-stripping cleansing oil is so luxe, I would bathe in it if I could. It’s that good.

But your hair can benefit from this elixir even if your strands aren’t damaged. Formulated with linoleic acid, biotin, and sea kelp extract, it helps reverse breakage and restores elasticity. After you use it, the cuticle is smoother and shinier, and your split ends disappear! Over time I was able to cut back on my other frizz-fighting products because my ends were healed. It’s one of those why-wouldn’t-I-use-it products. And there is no need to reapply: Even at the end of the day, your ends will feel amazing.