duo that
hydrates like
a mutha

L.A. makeup artist Jamie Greenberg uses this body butter and body oil to decimate dryness.


My entire before-bed routine takes so long, it’s probably going to end in divorce. But I can’t help it! Showing my skin—both above and below the neck—some TLC is part of my wind-down process. After I shower, I apply a layer of Mutha Body Oil, followed by a coat of Mutha Body Butter, so I’m double-layering; the butter sort of locks in the oil, which I love. Obviously, it’s faster if you just use one or the other, but they absorb pretty quickly, so I highly recommend the combo. I like to massage everything in, then brush my teeth or hair while I give it a little time to sink in. I do that every night—unless I’m in a major rush. But when I get into bed without going through my ritual, I’m bummed out that I didn’t get that self-care moment. I’m so obsessed that if I have time in the morning, I’ll rub the butter on my stretch marks and scars, too. I feel like it really helps to fade them and just make them look less noticeable.

Mutha Body Butter is made with shea, cocoa, and mango butters, while Mutha Body Oil is crafted with nourishing goodness like rosehip, apricot kernel, jojoba, and grapeseed oils. The majority of the ingredients in both are certified organic, which is something that I’m starting to be more aware of now and something that I do look for in beauty products. Both the butter and oil have a really bright citrusy scent like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. It won’t conflict with any perfume you’re wearing, though, because it’s quite light. I have a very strong nose, so a lot of times, fragrances can rub me the wrong way. But this smells like something you’d actually find in nature—not a chemically manufactured version.

The thing for me is that I’m always looking for active products that I can immediately see results from. And I did with this Mutha duo. I noticed an improvement the first morning after I applied it—my entire body was noticeably softer and more supple. Living in L.A. really takes a toll on my skin. It’s not cold here but it’s super dry and windy. So windy, in fact, that my skin cracks as if it were freezing out. Plus, as I’ve gotten older, my skin is more dehydrated. But the body butter and oil take care of those problems for me. Really, they’re a no-brainer for anyone as we head into the winter months. I can honestly say that my skin looks plumper and healthier now than it did before. With those results, why would I ever stop using them?


Name: Jaime Greenberg

Job Description: Celebrity makeup artist

Where to Find Her: Los Angeles

Instagram: @jamiemakeup

Beauty Essential: Mutha Body Butter and Body Oil