Makeup artist and photographer Robin Black fell hard for these cleanly formulated, simple-to-use eyeshadows.


Photography ByROBIN BLACK

During a lunch at Café Gratitude back in the spring, Sheena Yaitanes, the founder of Kosas, dropped hints that the brand had an eye product coming out. What got me excited was when she mentioned it was a liquid formula. I adore working with liquids and creams. I’m a fan of products that are quick and easy to apply. I was lucky enough to get a set of lab samples of the Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows at the end of May, so I had quite a bit of time to test them on myself. Then, a few weeks later, I shot the campaign for them (and did the makeup).

These shadows have a very unique formula with a consistency that’s more similar to watercolor paint than it is to traditional liquid eyeshadow. So if your shadow separates in the tube, that’s totally normal. Simply shake until the pigment is evenly dispersed. It’s super simple to apply with your fingers or a brush. Just dab on a few dots over clean, dry skin or translucent eyelid primer and blend with your fingertip. Pat and roll to create soft, blended edges. A single coat will give you a dreamy, watercolor effect. Layer on a second or even a third coat for more dramatic color.

I’ve road-tested application on a plane, a train, the back of an Uber, and while driving my car. All were successful, but keep your eyes on the road because driving while putting on eyeshadow is probably illegal—and at the very least, dangerous.

I fell for Kosas lipsticks first. There’s a shade called Rosewater that’s my go-to pinky nude. Sheena’s philosophy of clean synthetic products that are simple to use is what got me interested in the brand. Clean synthetics are great for those of us with reactive skin! And easy-to-apply products suit my always-on-the-go life. While I love the idea of spending an hour at a fancy vanity table getting ready, 1. I don’t have a vanity table, and 2. I’m usually in the studio shooting or between meetings or going from a plane to a dinner. My personal routine is quite low maintenance, and I prefer makeup that I can just casually throw on.

I recommend Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows to everyone! Who doesn’t want an eyeshadow they can tuck in their bag and apply in a few moments post-gym, pre-cocktails, in the back of an Uber, or what have you? I’ve tried other liquid shadows, but these stand out for their unique texture, lasting power, and ease of application. Plus, there’s a pale lavender, shade 333, that’s surprisingly wearable and fun!


Name: Robin Black

Job Description: Makeup artist and photographer

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Beauty Essential: Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow