my 4-Step
strategy for
healthy hair

How celebrity makeup artist, Kira Nasrat, takes a skin care-inspired approach to her scalp and strands.



As a makeup artist, I know that priming my skin properly will give me a flawless finish, and guess what? The same applies to hair, too. The rule holds true: Every great makeup application starts with good skin care, and every great hairstyle begins with a healthy scalp. I’ve always had the makeup part down because of my job, but I’ve struggled to find the perfect hair program. That is, until, Aquis came into my life.

I was introduced to the black Rapid Dry Hair Turban a few years ago when VIOLET GREY sent it to me to test, and I instantly fell in love. Number one, because it protects my hair, and number two, it's super convenient. You never, ever have to struggle with one towel again, trying to dry your body off while keeping your sopping-wet strands from dripping all over the place. This is the solution! Thanks to its supersoft, super-absorbent material that wicks away moisture without ever snagging and its cute button clasp, the turban makes it easy and effortless to throw your hair up and out of your face, so you can turn your attention to your post-shower body care (my current go-tos are the ultra-luxe Costa Brazil Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil and the wonder moisturizer Augustinus Bader The Body Cream.)

I had no idea that Aquis even made hair care, but based on my love for their game-changing towel, I thought it would be amazing—and I was right. It's a totally unique concept that includes a pH-balancing Defense Pre-Wash that you spray in like a primer to repair and strengthen hair before you get in the shower, a plant-based, keratin-infused Rebalancing Hair Wash to gently cleanse, and a Restorative Leave-In Conditioner meant to detangle and boost shine post-rinse. What I like is that the primer gives me a reason to indulge in a moment of self care—I spritz it on my scalp and do a full-blown head massage to stimulate circulation and blood flow. Then, I hop in the shower and use a little bit of the shampoo just on my scalp and continue to massage. Because my hair is curly, I use a separate conditioner or mask on my ends a few times a week, clip it all up, and let the steam work its magic. When I get out, I flip my hair over, drench my ends with the leave-in, and brush it out with the Yves Durif Comb. Then I twist my hair up in the towel, and I'm good to go—to do my makeup, to go to sleep (which is a great way to wake up to big wavy volume, btw), whatever. The leave-in conditioner is also amazing to refresh dry hair, too. In fact, I used it this morning to reactivate my waves; it just gives it life. Think of it as a face mist for your hair—spritz anytime throughout the day to freshen up your style, soften, and bring back bounce. It also makes hair smell like it’s been freshly washed, which is always a nice bonus.


Name: Kira Nasrat

Job Description: Celebrity makeup artist

Where to Find Him: Los Angeles

Instagram:  @kiranasrat

Beauty Essential: Aquis Prime System

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