The Parisian makeup artist demonstrates a multi-use product ideal for beauty on the run.

Meet Violette—a girl who is more likely to be found applying makeup in the backseat of a moving vehicle or on the streets of New York than she is perched at her vanity. A girl who, like you, always has someplace to be and no time to get there. In this weekly video series, VIOLET GREY follows the Parisian makeup artist around town to chronicle her infamous on-the-go beauty routines. The rules? No crew, no set, no artificial lighting, no retouching—and no contouring.

Spend any time with Violette and you’ll catch her doing all manner of things with a lipstick. At any given moment, these might include blotting with her notebook, switching shades in the rearview mirror of a parked car, or dabbing it onto her cheeks for an improvised blush, with her signature Ray-Bans in place all the while. “Sunglasses actually bring attention to the lipstick,” the mysterious Parisienne asserts. “People need something to fixate on when they’re listening to you. Here they have no choice but to stare at your lips—which is honestly the best way to attract a kiss.” 





“A very easy-to-wear pink” is how Violette describes this beguiling shade of lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury, which she’s also been known to use as a blush. The effect? “A touch of va-va-voom, but very discreet.” 




“For a very fresh look, I like to add a little bit of highlighter on the cupid’s bow,” says Violette. This Tom Ford compact offers, in the artist’s opinion, the perfect natural texture, and it has the added virtue of a mirror for quick curbside applications. 

smoky eye

Violette shares her secrets for an effortless, sand-toned smoky eye in a hurry. 

the chanel
red lip

In case you missed it last week, learn Violette’s techniques for creating the ultimate French pout.