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In this new series of video tutorials, Parisian makeup artist Violette illuminates the art of on-the-go beauty. This week, she creates the perfect red lip while strolling in Tribeca.

VIOLET GREY first met Violette just over three years ago on a photo shoot, appropriately enough, as she was applying her signature velvet red lip on Chanel Iman. And as she continued to glide around set, captivating the room with her quiet confidence, it became increasingly unclear whether she was model or makeup artist. For VIOLET GREY, it was love at first sight (and it doesn’t hurt that we share a name).

Naturally, we asked the Parisian makeup artist on a proper date, and after hours of talking about lipstick—or, rather, about the woman you are in the lipstick—it became clear that the feeling was mutual. Since then we’ve had many dates (and photo shoots, and collaborations) and professed our love many times, but two questions have continued to pop up:

1. How can we work together more?

2. Why aren’t there any beauty tutorial videos out there that we can relate to?

At a certain point we said, “No more questions.” We booked a last-minute flight to New York, picked up a camera, and met up with Violette to chronicle her infamous on-the-go beauty routines. The rules were simple: Keep it intimate and don’t get lost in production—just capture the girl we all fell in love with.

We are very excited to share with you this new collaboration with our French best friend. A girl who is more likely to be found applying makeup in the backseat of a moving vehicle or on the streets of New York than she is perched at her vanity. A girl who, like you, always has someplace to be and no time to get there.

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the chanel
red lip

Violette’s co-star in this week’s tutorial? Her preferred shade of Chanel lip rouge. Watch the video for her tips on how to apply it while on the move.


Learn French with our Parisian friend par excellence, and stay tuned for a tutorial on her signature smoky eye look (at left). 

french girl

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