We uncover Hollywood’s tricks to maintaining a glossy pout all day long (yes, all day) with help from makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen.

Film by EMI BELL

We’re of the mind that lip gloss is a misunderstood staple, unfairly maligned for its uncomfortable stickiness, short-lived application, and hair-on-lips mess potential. But with the emergence of light-weight, innovative formulas, we’re putting gloss’s high-maintenance reputation to rest. To that end, VIOLET GREY asked Hollywood makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen—known for tending to Jessica Simpson, Rebel Wilson, and Salma Hayek—to divulge his tips for crafting a high-shine pout with staying power. VanLeeuwen kindly obliged, offering a layering technique that produces full, luminous dimension. “Gloss has been a little bit on the back burner, but it’s coming back in full force,” asserts the artist, “so we thought we would do something that’s not overly glossy, but that reflects the fun of lip gloss.”

The aforementioned “we” is model and entrepreneur Lara Worthington (do your lips a favor and study her in our bold daytime lip and fuller pout episodes). Together, the duo takes us through the process of proper glossing, starting with a nude liner from Charlotte Tilbury to create an adherent base. “You could have put the gloss on with nothing," says VanLeeuwen, "but this will give you long wear and will also pull back the gloss just a little bit." Next, he draws out Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Douceur, the tutorial's hero product, from his kit. An editor's favorite, the ultra-light formula leaves lips perfectly smooth and brilliant thanks to ultra-hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E. “It feels very moisturizing and nourishing, and definitely feels nice with the lip liner. Like it has a bit more body,” remarks Worthington.

While you can count on the finished look carrying you through the day, watch the full video above to see how to touch it up for evening.





“I’m going to start it with this beautiful Charlotte Tilbury lip liner,” says VanLeeuwen of Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pink Venus, “It’s one of my favorite nude shades she makes.” To create a proper base, VanLeeuwen recommends grinning slightly to keep lips taunt while filling them in with the pencil. “This is the way to make it look modern.”




“This is a powder-based gloss, so it’s not fully lacquer. And there are optical pearls in it that give it a metallic edge.” VanLeeuwen’s tube of choice is Chanel’s gel-like Rouge Coco Gloss. Loaded with coconut oil, peptides, and vitamin E, the non-sticky formula visibly smooths, hydrates, and plumps your pout. Worthington’s take on it “It feels good. Very moisturizing and nourishing.”