Face Time With Melanie Simon:

all about
serum c

The skin care expert shows VIOLET GREY how to use Serum C, a super-potent miracle solution that fixes almost every skin concern.

Written by JAYME CYK


ZIIP Beauty founder and esthetician Melanie Simon is perpetually radiant. She’s even made her appointment-only magic available for at-home use with her palm-size ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device, a sleek, user-friendly contraption that links up to an iPhone app targeting dry skin, signs of aging, and acne. In our video series, the skin care guru gives it to you straight up (a phrase she constantly employs), revealing her anti-aging techniques and go-to products. This week, she shows us how to use Serum C, her brand-new, super-potent skin care offering.

Months ago, during a casual meeting with VIOLET GREY founder Cassandra Grey, Simon whipped out her secret weapon, a transparent, slippery formulation that the esthetician credited for her otherworldly glow. At the time, the only way to get it was to be personally gifted by Simon herself. We soon realized that had to change—the product was too good to not be available to all. And today, it has. That magic formulation—now known as Serum C—is available for purchase exclusively at VIOLET GREY.  “I’ve been using this product professionally for three years and have been giving it as gifts to all of the editors because it’s a product that truly works,” says Simon. “It’s developed a cult following by both beauty editors and celebrities and we wanted to keep it special by creating small batches especially for VIOLET GREY.”

Vitamin C isn’t a novel ingredient, but Simon knows it better than almost anyone—and her efficacious blend is the next best thing to filler throughout your face. Here, she walks you through how to apply Serum C, the product’s benefits, and why the winning formula is good for everyone.


There’s enough vitamin C skin care on the market to fill a large citrus farm (or ten), but what’s different about Serum C is that it offers the ingredient’s highest concentration (15%) and safest consistency possible. Plus, it’s incredibly stable, which most vitamin C products are not. Simon’s elixir is considered to be more potent than L-ascorbic acid and other vitamin C compounds, while also having a higher rate of penetration because it is lipid soluble—just like human skin.

But a product this powerful demands an engaged user. “One of the most important aspects comes in the way you use this product,” notes Simon. “By giving the serum time to actually soak into your skin, without immediately layering other products on top, you allow it to really soak in all the necessary nutrients.”


Serum C can be applied morning and night. “This type of vitamin C does not exfoliate or irritate the skin, so it can be worn during the day,” says Simon. “I prefer wearing mine during the day because it makes my skin look so beautiful.”

STEP 1: Wash your face and pat dry.

STEP 2:  Tone (if that’s your thing).

STEP 3:  If you use a serum (or three) that’s lighter than Serum C, put it on now. Simon always recommends layering your products in order of thinnest to thickest consistency. 

STEP 4: Top your lightest serum with Serum C and wait for it to develop a “glaze” and ever-so-slightly solidify, between five and ten minutes. The more you use, the longer it will take to glaze over.

STEP 5: Continue with the rest of your routine, like a thicker serum or moisturizer. If applied during the day, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Lucky for you, the results are immediate. “It makes your skin glow and look so radiant the first time you use it,” says Simon. “Collagen is boosted in around a week, while reduction of acne scars and skin discoloration [take] about three weeks.”


Serum C is good for everyone,” says Simon. “I love vitamin C because of its ability to increase collagen levels, reduce melanin production, brighten skin, and repair the effects of UV exposure and other environmental damage.”

Simon advises that once the bottle is open, it’s good for approximately six months. She adds, “Part of the reason the bottle is clear is so that you can see that your formula is still stable and active.”