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eye love you 

Makeup artist Gucci Westman set out to do the impossible: create a cleanly formulated, high-performance luxury mascara. The result? Perfection.



For all the impressive advancements in clean-beauty formulations—creamy lipsticks, radiance-boosting foundations, eyeshadows that sparkle and stay in place—natural mascaras have been disappointing for those of us who prefer our mascara made without certain questionable ingredients (such as coal tar dyes and petroleum waxes). So much so that we have had to pretend that reckless smudging and flaking are intentional parts of one's look. 

It's a disappointment that makeup artist and clean-beauty enthusiast Gucci Westman knows all too well, which is why she set out to create an as-natural-as-possible mascara good enough to use on her Vogue cover shoots. This may sound like an easy quest, but natural mascara is notoriously difficult to formulate. Turns out, the qualities that make mascara mascara—the inky black hue, the ability to lift and curl, the lash-hugging grip—are usually due to the use of synthetic chemicals linked to potential health and environmental issues.

In pursuit of a safer, high-performance mascara, Westman headed to the lab. There, she pushed her formulators to the boundaries of what's possible—or, more precisely, what previously had been thought of as possible. After almost 20 rounds of testing and tweaking, the result is here: Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara, a 96% natural mascara that plumps, volumizes, and curls without sacrificing a scintilla of performance. 

From top to bottom, every ingredient in this plant-powered formula serves a purpose. In place of paraffin, there's beeswax, sunflower seed wax, and carnauba wax—all of which provide structure to the lash while locking pigment in. Glycerin, an excellent humectant, optimizes glide so each lash is evenly coated. A preservative booster derived from coconut oil keeps bacteria at bay without any formaldehyde whatsoever. Galactoarabinan, an extract of the larch tree, conditions and hydrates lashes, while chicory root extract gives them a lush, thick (yet never clumpy!) appearance. 

In short, it's an ingredient-conscious formula that also happens to be the luxury mascara of your dreams. (And Gwyneth's, and Cameron's, and Julianne's—all of whom wear Eye Love You, too.)


“I absolutely love this. The formula is gorgeous; it’s such a rich black shade that really intensifies the lashes. And the tube itself is so luxurious and chic.” —SAM VISSER, Makeup Artist

"Great mascara for natural-looking lashes. It doesn’t migrate or flake and it’s buildable, too." —Kira Nasrat, Makeup Artist

“The black and gold packaging is total glam. As for the formula itself? It really bulks up my lashes and makes them look surprisingly long and thick.” —ALLISON ELLIOTT, Violet Grey Store Director and Makeup Artist


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