A bleach-free, brush-on, brightening treatment that can change shades (sans sensitivity) after only a week.

Written By LENA RAFF


Internationally-renowned Swiss dentists (and sisters) Haleh and Golnar Abivardi are well on their way to achieving their mission of creating a drill-free future for younger generations. The two award-winning professionals are the founders of a series of clinics, a dental academy, and a hygienist school that work to reduce the fear attributed to “going to the dentist” which often keeps people from achieving optimal oral health.

Armed with the knowledge gained from these endeavors and their clinical research, and with the mission to combine traditional and holistic oral care traditions, the Abivardi sisters created vVardis–an innovative line of clean, sustainable, cutting-edge oral hygiene products designed for at-home use.


We were somewhat nervous to try these, as the only whitening treatments VIOLET STAFFERS had ever tried led to sensitivity, and even pain. But, as we learned from our new favorite pair of Swiss dentists, this is due to the fact that traditional teeth whitening strips away a layer of enamel, revealing whiter teeth underneath. 

Unfortunately, this degradation of the enamel can lead to weaker, more sensitive teeth in the long run, which is why vVardis created Aletsch White Enamel Serum–an overnight treatment infused with the highest concentration of the brand’s patented breakthrough, the WX Formula. This biomimetic technology imitates teeth’s natural remineralization process, fortifying the enamel and creating a healthier, brighter smile. 

The easy-to-use gel not only won’t cause sensitivity, it actually strengthens tooth enamel and improves gum health (which prevents cavities and tooth decay), while whitening teeth in one week. As soon as STAFFERS started applying the treatment, we saw results from night one. Immediately, we began to notice that yellow and white spots were fading, by the end of the bottle, we were sporting red-carpet ready smiles. The best part was that in addition to looking good, we also knew we had taken a step toward preserving the future of our teeth. It was clear that this treatment was one we had to share with our Committee of Industry Experts.

“Created by two Swiss dentist sisters with sustainability and innovation in mind, vVardis is the oral care line you’re going to be seeing on all stylish, well-appointed vanities. The Aletsch White Enamel Serum whitens and brightens without peroxide, which is ideal for sensitive teeth and gums, and a great adjunct to in-office treatments when you need a boost.” —SARAH BROWN, Executive Director of VIOLET LAB

“This paint on whitening gel provided a good result without sensitivity–perfect for those who can’t use conventional bleaching products.” —DR. STEVEN BUTENSKY, Dentist

“Beautifully packaged in a diminutive applicator bottle, you can actually use in the same fashion you would apply lip gloss to whiten teeth!” —DR. MARC LOWENBERG, Dentist


We all fell hard for this dentist-created, sustainably-made, and easy-to-use treatment that enhanced the health and appearance of our teeth. With testers and Committee Members sporting bright, healthy, pain-free smiles, vVardis’s Aletsch White Enamel Serum is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED, and has earned a place on THE SHELVES. 


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s Committee of Industry Experts separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.