Active Botanical

Can a single serum do the work of multiple skin-care products? In the case of this highly-concentrated oil, the answer is resounding YES.



No offense to the Instagram beauty shelfie (the overstuffed, meticulously arranged displays of skin care products)–VIOLET GREY loves a shelfie–but having 30-plus products in rotation is beginning to feel a little like Hoarders. Even the most enthusiastic beauty aficionado appreciates finding a single noble product that does the work of multiple others. Simplicity, after all, is always chic.

Such is the appeal of Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum. It’s a face oil, yes, but it’s a face oil in the way an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is a car—it’s truly next-level, worth-every-penny stuff. 

Founder April Gargiulo (yes, a literal vintner’s daughter who has a winemaker’s obsessive focus on quality) set out to make the purest, most effective skin treatment possible. The result, the Active Botanical Serum–a highly concentrated formula that features 22 active botanicals including frankincense (increases circulation for a healthy glow) and tamanu (its fatty acid content sinks into skin to heal and restore). Read: nothing in here is a filler. Every single of the 60+ ingredients has a purpose which is to help transform your skin, no matter whether it’s dry, oily, mature, or somewhere in between. 

And transform it does. Place a few drops into your palms, rub them together, and gently press your hands into your skin. In the immediate, you will inhale the blissful scent of primrose, jasmine, and rose, but the true reward arrives in the days and weeks to come. Skin will be more even-toned, balanced, and optimally moisturized, blemishes will have faded away, pores minimized. 

This serum is truly a complexion-perfecting, all-in-one oil that both simplifies and improves your skin care regimen—and definitely worthy of a solo Instagram shot, should you see fit.


To see if  Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum could live up to the high praise it’s earned, we invited our Committee of Industry Experts to use for 6+ weeks and share their honest thoughts.

“Such a beautiful oil–packed full of nutrients and fatty acids. I use this when my skin needs an extra boost.” 

– MELANIE GRANT, Skin Expert

“I’ve been in the industry for 32 years and this is my favorite stand-alone product by far. I truly love everything about it!” – JOANNA CZECH, Esthetician

“This is the best all-in-one serum. It makes my skin look beautiful and feel amazing. So much so that I’ve just finished my third bottle.” – JENN STREICHER, Makeup Artist


As with every product on VIOLET GREY, the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum earned the coveted VIOLET CODE APPROVED accolade after 70% of our testers sang its praises (and kept buying it).


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s committee of beauty industry experts and influencers separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.