victoria beckham
by augustinus bader’S
cell rejuvenating
priming moisturizer

A glow-inducing cream from Victoria Beckham Beauty infused with the skin-changing power of Bader’s TFC8® technology.



You know that hour or so before sunset, when the sun turns soft and bathes the world in a gentle, warm glow? Everyone, absolutely everyone, looks dazzling in this light (which may explain why photographers call it the golden hour). Harsh lines are blurred, skin is at its most radiant, and complexions appear smooth and even-toned.  

Technically speaking, it’s challenging to contain this magic in a bottle. But the new cream from Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader is an impressively close approximation. A collaboration between the English superstar and pioneering German stem-cell researcher, this evolution of the best-selling Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer gives skin a similarly flawless finish with an added bronzing effect. It’s at once a concentrated daily treatment for healthier skin and a real-life Photoshop filter — creating a plumper, firmer, and glowier complexion with a single swipe.

If you care about scientific bona fides (and, when it comes to your skin, you certainly should) this moisturizer will satisfy. This clean formula’s star ingredient is Augustinus Bader’s TFC8®, a complex of amino acids and vitamins that encourage repair and renewal at the cellular level. The consistently strong results seen from this proprietary technology is why Bader’s name is now synonymous with skin care that works. It also contains black tea ferment to improve texture, papaya enzymes to lift dead surface skin, micro algae to firm, moisturizing avocado oil, and a peptide that brings out an allover glow. Speaking of glow, the cream is also infused with tiny amber and gold pearl—the secret behind the golden-hour effect.

As a potent moisturizer-makeup hybrid, this formula can be used from morning to night. Apply it as a makeup primer to blur imperfections and create a smooth canvas for foundation. Dab it on cheekbones after hours for a gorgeous evening glow. Or simply wear it alone to illuminate, nourish, and highlight skin. Any way you choose, you’re golden.


“I love this moisturizer because it has a creamy champagne undertone that looks beautiful under foundation or worn alone. It leaves a beautiful veil of glow.” —NAM VO, Makeup Artist

“This special formula primes, hydrates, and gives you a glow even before you put on any makeup. Bravo!” —JAMIE GREENBERG, Makeup Artist

“It’s perfect for anyone looking for beautiful, radiant skin. Say it louder for everyone in the back: beautiful, radiant skin!”—JENNA KRISTINA, Makeup Artist


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