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Defeat dry, damaged skin with this smart and silky moisturizer.



Much like Odysseus (the legendary king who conquered Troy in Greek mythology), U Beauty founder and style influencer Tina Craig (aka Bag Snob) knows that subterfuge is the secret to success — both when it comes to invading ancient cities and achieving a flawless complexion. Similar to a sneaky Trojan horse, The Super Smart Hydrator uses patent-pending Siren Capsule Technology to infiltrate dry skin and visibly repair damaged cells for a healthy and hydrated result.

Developed by Italian scientists, new Hydra-Siren Capsules lure free radicals like a magnet and release powerful antioxidants along with dehydrated long-chain hyaluronic acid that instantly plumps skin while providing lasting moisture. This intuitive formula also includes the brand’s O.G. Siren Capsule loaded with stabilized vitamin C, peptides, and alpha hydroxy acids that stimulate collagen and elastin for youthful radiance.

To further protect, nourish, and soothe a delicate complexion, the base of this high-tech hydrator features fortifying ingredients like purified oat extract, shea butter, avocado oil, and five unique types of hyaluronic acid that absorb moisture and lock it to skin. When used in tandem with U Beauty’s cult-favorite Resurfacing Compound, a Greek goddess-worthy glow is practically guaranteed. Two simple steps to beauty victory? We think Odysseus would undoubtedly be on board with this streamlined plan of attack.


“Wow! My skin felt instantly hydrated and looked super glowy. It’s perfect for getting that glass-skin effect.” —Veronica Sinclair, Makeup Artist

“Loving this does-it-all product that hydrates, brightens, tones, smooths, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores. Layer it under sunscreen to improve skin texture.” —Jo Strettell, Makeup Artist

“This moisturizer provides an intense surge of hydration minus any greasy residue. It’s the perfect way to prep skin for makeup.” —Lena Raff, Makeup Artist


As with every product on VIOLET GREY, U Beauty’s The Super Smart Hydrator reached our shelves once a minimum of 70 percent of testers deemed it a winner. At that time, we added it to our skin care edit with the Violet Code’s official stamp of approval.


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