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Introducing the pregnancy-safe mist that nourishes and plumps the complexion.

Written By JAYME CYK


If you ask True Botanicals founder Hillary Peterson to describe her cult beauty range in one sentence, she would say, “Nontoxic skincare that actually works.” After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Peterson closely examined her beauty essentials and realized that all of them contained harmful ingredients. Following her discovery, she nixed her former cosmetic wardrobe, left her job in the apparel industry, and transitioned to natural skincare—eventually (in 2014, to be exact) revealing her own line, True Botanicals.

The brand’s newest endeavor is a category that is seldom tapped: skincare for pregnant moms. Peterson wanted to change that. “Pregnant women are already sacrificing so much—sharing their bodies, giving up foods and rituals they love,” she says. “Then they find out that there are toxins in a lot of the products they’re using, which inspires them to look for alternatives.” The four-piece range, otherwise known as The Basics Collection, was created with pregnant women in mind (think: zero toxins, nourishing ingredients, and 100 percent safe for mom and baby).

One of the standouts of the assortment is the Hydrating Mist, a refresher that strengthens, softens, and smooths skin. “Most mists on the market are water-based,” adds Peterson. “Ours is made of green and white tea plus aloe vera, all of which are antioxidant-rich ingredients. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that cause aging if we don’t combat them. So our mist isn’t just refreshing and fun to spritz. It’s a skincare essential that helps prevent damage before it even starts to show up.”


“I love the True Botanicals Hydrating Mist because it’s beautiful and it smells really great. I’m a big spritz person, and I always have one in my bag. When you’re pregnant, you can get really hot, and this gives you that little dose of freshness. Actually, I just finished my bottle.”—Jessie de Lowe, co-founder of How You Glow and art therapist

“This is very refreshing and smells great. I am a recent mist convert, and this is one of my new favorites to use after I get out of a hot shower and want a nice cool refresher before I put on any other product. Also, I brought this spray with me to the hospital when I was there to deliver my new baby girl, Mia. While I was trapped in my recovery room for a few days after my C-section, it was literally a breath of fresh air when I needed it most.”—Ariel Gordon, designer of Ariel Gordon Jewelry

“This is great. I always love a hydrating mist.”—Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT

“This has a great smell. I really like how refreshed my skin feels after spraying it. I’ve also started using this mist in the beginning of my reiki facials to bring about a calmness to the patients.”—Nousha Salimi, registered nurse and facial rejuvenation artist

“I recently took this on vacation with me, and I love the smell. It’s very energizing.”—Kristen Noel Crawley, founder of KNC Beauty


Spritz 6 inches from your face to refresh your complexion. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for it every hour of the day.

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