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Smooth, clear, glowing skin doesn't happen just by taking a pill—or does it?



For the first three decades of her life, Jules Miller was blessed with trouble-free skin. But luck has a way of turning on a dime, or in her case, a milestone birthday. “It all changed after I turned 30,” she says. “I had sun damage, pigmentation, dark spots—topped off with the occasional dose of adult acne.” A minimalist by nature, she saw improvement by using topical retinol, but it was not without its drawbacks. “It was the only thing that made an overwhelming difference, but the flakiness and redness was a little much for me,” she says.

That’s when Miller, the founder of wellness startup The Nue Co., set out to create a supplement that would produce the same effect. “I wanted it to be easy to use—it couldn’t be more than one capsule daily—and gentle as well as effective,” she says. Twelve months of R&D later, Skin Filter was born: a daily supplement that produces the same clear, calm complexion without the side effects of redness, irritation, or flaking.

“The formula is designed to brighten, tighten, and blur imperfections,” Miller explains. It does so through an antioxidant-rich blend of vitamin C, zinc, champagne grape seed and melon—along with a hefty dose of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. That, in turn, stimulates cell regeneration to make skin look more even-toned, more luminous, and less congested. The formula’s patented complex is tested in France under dermatological control, and within 60 days, it improves elasticity by 9%, reduces blemishes by 21%, and brightens skin by 26%. Results.

Miller wasn’t the only one to witness a visible transformation. Weeks after the launch of Skin Filter, customers began sending their unsolicited, unpaid before-and-after photos as word of this “perfect skin in a pill” started to spread. Rumor has it, plenty of Skin Filter devotees have lost the need for concealer altogether. If that’s not a testimonial, what is?

If you seek a quick fix, Skin Filter isn’t for you. Thanks to the time it takes for skin cells to shed and turn over, it does take an average of 30 to 60 days for full results to reveal themselves. But if you can find a few seconds to take a capsule with your morning matcha, you’ll delightedly watch as day by day, skin transforms from the inside out. And that’s a reward well worth the wait.


“I love complexion supplements. This is a unique one! Some new claims and unfamiliar ingredients piqued my interest, and I quickly added it to my supplement regimen.” —Molly Greenwald, Makeup Artist

“My skin has been in particularly good shape while taking these—less redness and no breakouts.” 

Hannah Biddle, Makeup Artist


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