The Nue Co.
Forest Lungs

An innovative new fragrance bottles the stress-melting magic of trees—and is destined to change the way you think about scent.



Imagine that you are not looking at a screen but instead, you are walking deep into a lush, green forest. Above, the tree canopy filters out the harsh sunlight, allowing only the soft and filtered light to reach the damp forest floor under your feet. Leaves sway in the breeze, birdsong punctuates the silence. You breathe in—deeply and slowly, savoring the fresh air. All at once, you feel a sense of peace and stillness.

This is the magic of the forest. What people around the world have known intuitively for centuries is now backed up by scientific research–that humans feel calmer, and more clear-headed when they are in nature. Specifically, when we’re around trees. It’s not just their beauty that shifts us, either–it’s their scent. To protect themselves from insects and germs, trees release chemicals called phytoncides. Not only do they create that distinctive fresh forest-air scent, they also lower our stress levels and boost the immune system. 

In short, trees are exceptionally good for us, which may explain why we’re drawn to them. But as more of us live away from nature, we have fewer opportunities to actually walk among the trees. 

Enter: The Nue Co.’s Forest Lungs, a fragrance supplement designed to bring nature to you. Perfumer Guillaume Flavigny blended vetiver, cedarwood, pine, patchouli, and bergamot to concoct an uplifting unisex scent that’s fresh and woody and can be sprayed onto the wrists, neck, or wherever else you choose.

The real superpower of this supplement is its therapeutic properties derived from replicated molecular compounds of phytoncides—the same tree chemicals you’d encounter while walking among the pines. 

Drawing on patented technology, a single spritz produces many of the calming benefits of a walk in the woods, even if you’re stuck in back-to-back Zoom calls. How calming? 96% of people who used Forest Lungs felt less stressed within 30 minutes of application. Thirty days after using Forest Lungs daily, 91% felt their anxiety levels were lower. And one can assume that 100% smelled incredible.  


“Forest Lungs smells exactly like a rainy hike through a redwood forest. On the days you can’t get outside into nature, spritz a little on your wrists, close your eyes, and inhale.”  – ROBIN BLACK, Makeup Artist

“An amazing woodsy fragrance that is truly unisex. Definitely a new daily favorite for me.” – GRACE AHN, Makeup Artist

“An absolutely intoxicating, natural-smelling fragrance.” – ELLE, Manicurist


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