This innovative solid serum delivers skin-calming hydration and aids makeup touch-ups—morning, noon, and night.



The first thing to know about Tatcha The Serum Stick is that there's truly nothing else like it. Which sounds like hyperbole, of course—not exactly a rarity in the hype-heavy world of skin care—but in this case, it's actually true. The Serum Stick is the first solid serum and touch-up balm in one, marrying skin care with makeup-refreshing prowess.

Why a solid serum? In this case, it's due to the highly concentrated formula. It's made of an impressive 80% squalane, an olive-derived moisturizer that locks in hydration without clogging pores or feeling heavy. Its soothing properties are made even better with the addition of anti-inflammatory Japanese lemon balm, or kousui hakka, which translates to "caring for others." The lemon balm used in this formula, sourced from a private farm in the mountains of Japan, also reduces fine lines and crepiness. In addition, a trio of Japanese superfood extracts—Uji green tea, Okinawan red algae, and Akita rice—provide a hefty dose of antioxidants to help cells defend against external stressors and future damage. Just a few swipes make skin feel alive, revitalized, and radiant, with long-term benefits accumulating over time. 

So yes, there's a lot going on in that one small stick, and naturally, it has many uses. Try it before applying under-eye concealer, which improves slip and provides a seamless canvas for natural-looking coverage. Or tote it in your bag to glide on the go, as makeup artist Hannah Biddle does; she recommends using The Serum Stick instead of concealer for a mid-day makeup refresh. No matter how you may choose to use this simple yet brilliant balm, you'll soon wonder how you managed to do without it.


"This went immediately into my purse. It's a great way to add a little moisture on the go." —Pati Dubroff, Makeup Artist

"I love this product. I use it on myself and my clients when skin needs a little love due to dryness. It adds a glow when you look (and feel) dull." —Jo Strettell, Makeup Artist

"Perfect for on-the-go hydration and for adding a dewy sheen over makeup." —Robin Black, Makeup Artist


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