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Presenting the three-in-one weightless mist that makes reapplying sunscreen feel like a treat.

Written By JAYME CYK


Most people don’t store sunscreen in their bag and reapply every two hours—but Supergoop! founder Holly Thaggard is always dreaming up new ways for us to incorporate SPF into our everyday routine. When she revealed Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 in early 2016, Thaggard took sunscreen to a place that made reapplication both easy and revitalizing.

This three-in-one innovative mist delivers broad-spectrum SPF 50, awakens your complexion with antioxidant-rich rosemary, and locks in makeup with optical diffusing silica silylate to control oil and deliver a matte finish. “One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is how to reapply SPF over makeup at midday,” explains Thaggard. “I felt like there were some beautiful makeup-setting mists on the market, but for me, the ultimate product would not only allow you to control midday shine, but also deliver broad-spectrum SPF 50. Our job is to make SPF reapplication easy-peasy for all, and we take it very seriously.”




“This mist is genius for all occasions. It does not alter the makeup one bit. Also, it safeguards your hard work from the heat and sun.” —Jeffrey Baum, makeup artist

“I love the fact that this mist is a makeup-setting spray with sunscreen. It feels light on the skin, and you can spray it at the end of a makeup application or foundation. It’s a winner for me, and it leaves skin radiantly beautiful.” —Carola Gonzalez, makeup artist

“I used this mist at a beach shoot, and it was amazing. The makeup stayed fresh without any touch-ups, and the SPF 50 provided total sunscreen protection for the model. The pump applies the product with the finest mist I’ve ever seen, and it goes on so evenly and smooth.” —Matthew VanLeeuwen, makeup artist

Supergoop! Setting Mist is awesome. I love the fact that I can put it in my purse and freshen up throughout the day.” —Jamie Greenberg, makeup artist





Shake the bottle and close your eyes. Spritz your complexion in a circular motion 4 to 5 times around the entire face. To lock in makeup, apply the mist as a finishing touch, then reapply every 2 hours throughout the day.