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express flower gel mask

The gel-based mask that plumps and refreshes skin in less than five minutes.

Written By JAYME CYK


Rejuvenated skin in three minutes sounds too good to be true. But Sisley has whipped up the perfect French formulation to make sure your skin looks hydrated in the same amount of time it takes you to complete your daily Deepak Chopra–guided meditation on your iPhone.

And the results are your best-case scenario. The miracle mask blends white lily, iris, organic sesame, and rose extracts to improve skin’s texture and to hydrate, tighten, and brighten the complexion. Expect all your friends to ask how you achieved eight hours of sleep the night before.


“To restore luminosity and combat dryness, I do a quick exfoliation followed by a heavy coat of Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask. I let it sit for at least ten minutes (twenty to thirty if I have the time), then gently press the remainder into my skin. I can immediately see the results: My skin appears moisturized and refreshed, and it has a visible glow.”—Robin Black, makeup artist

“This mask is ideal for brightening and replumping skin.”—Georgie Eisdell, makeup artist


April 14, 2015

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